Which Rival Are You? Yandere Simulator

Which Rival Are You? Yandere Simulator

Which Rival are you from Yandere Dev’s Yandere Simulator? Answer a few questions to find out!

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What do you look for in a partner?

Someone I can care for and
show all my affection
Someone caring and easy to
talk to
Someone to share my passions with
A person who admires my qualities & let’s me spoil them a bit
Someone I can really open up to
A person that focuses on the future, not the past
Someone who pushes me to be my best self
A person I can protect for life
Someone who loves me as much as I love them
Someone that has a kind heart.. and good in bed

What’s your worst quality?

I’m a little bit clingy sometimes
I can be intense
I hurt the ones I love, even if I don’t mean to
I can be impulsive and regret some of the decisions I’ve made
I admit I can be self-centered sometimes
I can be shy and don’t open up easily
I often have one objection.. And that’s to get inside someone’s pants..
I spoil others, when I should really focus on how amazing I am.
I guess I can be secretive. It’s for the best, though.
I can be manipulative. I’m not proud of it.

You descover a corpse on school grounds! How do you react?

Take action immediately. Find out who did this and make sure they get what they deserve.
Make sure the people you care about are ok.
Try to save the victim while calling for help.
Find somewhere safe to go with family who will protect you.
Find somewhere to hide. Who would do this?
Make sure you aren’t the next victim. People can’t afford to lose you.
Run away, pleading you aren’t next.
Tend to the victim’s wounds and try to bring them back to life.
Pity the victim before getting help.
Find the nearest authority figure and call the police.

Where do you spend the day before and after class?

Wherever the people I care about are.
The fountain, I heard from a friend it’s peaceful.
Behind the school, somewhere quiet without obnoxious classmates.
In the kitchen, cooking with friends.
Somewhere isolated where I can be alone with my thoughts.
Rehearsing plays and talking about my passions.
Probably excersising, I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Patrolling the school and making sure everyone is safe.
Assisting other students with issues.
Probably “having fun” with my partner if they’re up for it.

What’s your goal in life?

To become famous.
To help people in need and rid of criminals.
To find my soulmate.
To open up my own restaurant.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle with someone I love at my side.
To find a lovebale cutie who gets me.
To finally get my normal life and have my story told.
To stay close to family.
To be the one that got away.
To encounter something paranormal and prove it to the world.

You think someone you care about is in danger. What do you do?

Protect them with your life.
Never leave their side no matter what.
Warn them, that’s the best you can do.
Confess your true feelings to them while you can.
Pour your heart and soul into gifts for them.
Alert everyone you know and get to the bottom of this. Don’t quit until you are certain they are safe.
Make many large gestures for them and let them know how important they are to you.
Enjoy them while you can.
Eliminate anyone who dares to harm them, protecting them to the end.
There isn’t much you can do.

You’re getting bullied in school, and your reputation is dropping rapidly. What do you do?

Let yourself believe it’s your own fault, and do nothing about it.
You can’t believe you’d ever let this happen, you need to get your reputation back to where it was immediately.
Report it to your family members asap. They’ll stick up for you.
Reputation doesn’t matter to you. It’s not like you had a very good one in the first place.
Stick up for yourself, and pretend it doesn’t bother you.
Try to befriend the bullies, giving them sweet treats and compliments.
You wouldn’t get a bad reputation in the first place, everyone adores you.
Demand justice from the bullies and put them in their place.
It’s hard not to resort to violence, but you’ll contain yourself and wait for this to blow over.
Do dirty favors to regain your reputation and hault the bullies. It’s your only option.