What Animal Are You? (37)

What Animal Are You? (37)

Ever wondered what is your inner animal? Well then this is the quiz for you! Remember to answer truthfully, as you won't find your INNER animal if you don't.

published on July 19, 201427 responses 26
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Which personality traits describes you the most?

Loyal, fun, active, sporty.
Loves eating, sleeping. Very kind and nice
A good leader, does anything to protect ones you love most.
Fiesty, quick, smart and willing.

Which extra-curriculum activity would you rather go to?

Gym/Sports/PE Class
Cooking Class
Helping Those In Need (Donation Group)
How to become a good leader group. (Mostly politics)

You and 3 of your closest friends were asked to go through the dangerous hills of Mt. Futa. (random name)
What do you do?

You wait till somebody else volunteers, then supports why they should go. But at the same time stay pitiful for them.
Straight away you volunteer, not wanting any of your friends to get hurt.
Someone picks you, but you back away and say, why don't you go?
You get picked, and you say okay, get me a rope please.

Your best friend turned out to be two faced, and they absolutely hate your second best friend. What do you do?

You tell your best friend that they should tell your second best friend that they dis-like them.
You tell your best friend that you are going to tell your second best friend that your first best friend dis-likes them, because it's only right to tell them.
You tell your first best friend, I don't care that you dis-like that person. Sort it out your self.
You try and fix the problem like a leader.

Which would you rather eat?

Sweet Foods
Healthy Foods