Could we be friends? (14)

Could we be friends? Am I like you? Are you like me? Only one way to find out! Girls only please.

published on August 25, 201525 responses 13 4.7★ / 5

pick a sport

soft ball it's fun because only girls do it
soccer. it's just so amazing!
uh what's a sport
track. I like running with my friends

pick a hair color

red. the color is so great
brown it's an all natural color
green. it makes my boogers show
blonde or black. there both great colors

Your favorite weather

Snow days. You can build snowman and have snow ball fights
Sunny days. You can tan in the or go play sports with your friends
tornadoes. you can jump in and " fly like the wind"
Rainy days. You can go outside and play in the rain.

what's your 1st day of school out fit

Jeans and a black t-shirt normal clothes you know
A uniform. Its perfect for the 1st day but not every day. Just no.
well I will wear something perfect for the 1st day. Its an important day which means important clothes

Do you think we are friends

I don't know
yup. I have no friends but I finally made one
Yah kinda