What Creepypasta Are You? (4)

What Creepypasta Are You? (4)

There are: Sally, Jane The Killer, Jeff The Killer, Slender Man, The Rake, The Puppet Master, Ben Drowned, Sonic E.X.E, Lost Sliver, Masky & Hoodie ( or Hoody ), Tails Doll, Pinkamena , Smile Dog, and Herobrine! (leave a comment for new creepypastas!)

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If I can do anything for a day, I would...

be tall
kill everyone
be dead
mend any way

I love the color...

black like my heart...

I love...

you....to die....right now...

If I could be anyone I would be...

you...to kill yourself...heh
a teddy bear!
The Flash
A hat...or hoodie...whatever

Would you be...

In the middle

If I can be from a videogame I would be from...

C.O.D. ( Call of Duty )
Assassins Creed
Five Nights at Freddy's

If you could be any color, it would be...

sliver, like my hat

If you fell in love, what do you say to your crush?

Hey, how about you come to my house and we can make masks or something?
stare at them til they get the hint
Give them a white hoodie that says 'Date?' on it
Tie them up with string til they say yes

If you only had one thing you could do before dying, it would be..

to drown myself...like really...make it already done
to redo Halloween! Yeah!!
To wear a mask and scare people by following them...heh
To wear all black and kill one more person...

If you had to kill someone, you would use...

a gun
a knife