Which AOT character loves you?

Which AOT character loves you?

(Meh: OMG WORSE NAME FOR A QUIZ |o| It has been a long time since I made a quiz ;-; I really hope you'll like it AND hello my friend I made this quiz just for you :3 :') ) (I'll be using my OC Enna Feuer for this quiz! Enjoy! :D )

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Enna: Hey hey guys I'm back for another quiz! So I'll present to you our guests... Eren, Armin, Levi, Jean (why not? I like horses!) and hum... I think I'll stop here for today. Yeah. So! Let's begin!

Enna: Heeeey guyyyys? Are you all here? :D
Eren: *Looks around and see Levi, Armin and Jean* Huh... Yeah.... What do you want? ._.
Enna: Say hello to our new friend, [Y/N]!
Eren: Hi! *smiles*
Armin: H-Hello! *smiles shyly*
Jean: Heey... *smirks* (meh: sorry, Jean will be very weird for this quiz xD)
Levi: *looks at you briefly and looks away* Hi.

Hi, Im [Y/N]! *smiles*
[Y/N] ....
H-Hello! *smiles and blushes a little* (Enna: My godness you're so cute!)
[Y/N]! Pleased to meet you! *smiles*

Enna: I'll start with you Eren!
Eren: Okay...
Enna: Ask your question, baka!
Eren: Hum... What do you think of me? ...
Enna: Huh, nice question... I guess...
Eren: I mean, in Titan form!
Enna: *whispers* Same thing..

You're H.O.T. That's all I can say. (Eren: Thanks)
Hum... You look weird in Titan form... Sorry... (Enna: I knoooow! He's so weird!) (Eren: Heey! :(
A weapon? What else? (Enna: Oh gosh I don't want to be a titan o.o)
Hum... Honestly, I'm a little disturbed by the fact that you're a titan...

Enna: Okay, come here Armin! :3
Armin: *looks at you, hesitates than come closer* What?
Enna: Ask [Y/N] a question! :D
Armin: H-Hum... *looks around, searching for a great question to ask* What's your favorite col-
Armin: Why??
Armin: O-Okay... What's your favorite type of book?

I don't like to read books...
Mangas!! (Enna: Is it really a type of book?) (Armin: Sure... I think?)
Hum... I like every kind of book ^^
Book? ;-;

Jean: Don't call me like that!!
Jean: *Growls and approaches. Looks at you and asks you sincerely* Do you really think I look like a horse?

You're totally a horse. (Jean: I'll kill her.) (Enna: Don't you dare!) (Jean: I'm gonna kill her. T-T)
Why are you asking me this question?
No... I think you're beautiful.. *blushes and looks away* (Jean: *blushes* Well... Thanks..)
N-No.. Why would you be a horse?

Enna: *''sticks'' her hands and prays* Please, Levi, don't hurt me...
Levi: What?
Enna: *gasps* HAAA! *eyes widen and sighs of relief* Gosh Levi! You scared me!
Levi: Tch. As always on nerves.
Enna: So... Will you ask [Y/N] a question?
Levi: Am I right when I say that she looks like an idiot?
Enna: Heeey!

No... You're not an idiot Enna ^^' (Enna: Thanks! *O*)
You're right. She's an idiot. (Enna: Whaat? D: )
Totally idiot :') *laughs* (Enna: B-But D: )
She acts like an idiot but she's not idiot. I don't know? '-' (Enna: .... Yeah....)

Enna: So for now, I'll ask you MY questions!
Eren: Why? I want to ask other questions too!
Enna: Really?
Eren: Yeah!
Enna: Okay... Go then...
Eren: What's your favorite color? *Puts his hand on Enna's mouth so that she says nothing*
Enna: Mhdgohasghwsotgawgas! (meh: she tries to talk xD)
Eren: *poker face*

Red! LIKE THE COLOR OF ALL THE FANGIRLS IM GONNA KILL >:3 (Enna: Jjsghaijaojaawgnaw O_O)
Pink pink pink pink pink pink pink *-*
Hum I don't know... Dark colors?

Jean: If this suicidal bastard asked another question, I'll ask a second question too! >:)
Eren: *Keeps his hand on Enna's mouth*
Jean: Who you love most, Eren or me?
Enna: *Starts to laugh in Eren's mouth* Hghoihgnfadhogh!!
Jean: Shut üp! That's an important question!

Hum... Without hurting you, I prefer Armin..
Eren! I don't like horses.
You, of course! Why would I love Eren?
What kind of question is that? (Jean: Just answer! It's important!!) ... Levi :3 (Jean: -.-' )

Enna: *removes Eren's hand* I CAN BREATHE!!! *takes a deep breath* I think this is the end... Sorry Armin, Levi, but I don't want to see these two bastards anymore... (meh: And I'm too lazy to continue ;-;)
Armin: Okay... I'll miss you, [Y/N] *smiles and waves hand*
Levi: *doesn't really care*

*Sad because Levi was almost not there* Bye.. (Meh: Sorryyyy ;w;)
Ow... Bye! *smiles cutely* (Armin: *blushes* Bye! ^^)
Bye! :D *Can't wait to see her result*
Bye, see ya! :)

Soul mates maybe? ;D