Which social media website are you?

Which social media website are you?

I'm SUPER bored, and this had one vote on my "What quiz do you want me to make?" poll. NOTE: This has 9 personality options. I REALLY hope you like it.

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How often do you post on social media, on a scale of 1-9?

1- I post about once a week, sometimes twice
2- I hardly ever have time to post- I'm too busy exploring the website
3- There's so much else to do on this website, so I don't really NEED to post a lot
4- Maybe a couple times a day; I don't have THAT much to say
5- I do post, but I'm usually busy on other sites, like Netflix
6- I post a few times a day, because I like keeping my friends entertained
7- I don't usually post about myself, but I never hesitate to give feedback to others
8- I post a lot, because my mind is filled with clever and witty jokes that I need to share
9- I love updating everyone on my exciting adventures

Which shirt are you most likely to wear? (1)

A solid color long-sleeved shirt
A tank-top
A patterned long-sleeved shirt
A graphic tee
A sweatshirt
A sweater
A shirt with words on it
A sports jersey
A DIY t-shirt

Which pants are you most likely to wear? (2)

Loose jeans
A skirt
Skinny jeans
Khaki pants

Which shoes are you most likely to wear? (3)

(Sorry I'm boring you. Only one more of these "Which ___ are you most likely to wear?" questions after this, I promise.)

Over-the-knee boots
Socks with sandals
Heeled boots
None - I like bare feet!

Which head accessory are you most likely to wear? (4)

(This is the last "Which __ are you most likely to wear?" question!)

A beret
A baseball cap
Headphones or earbuds
A fedora
A headband
A hair bow
Maybe a bobby pin or hair clip

(RP for the rest of the quiz!)

It's Saturday, and when you wake up, you remember that for the next week, it's April vacation! What's the first thing you do?

Go back to sleep, duh!
Check my social media to see what I missed
Go outside and see if I can get some cool pictures of the morning dew
Surf the internet
Listen to music
Read a book
Write an entry in my journal
Get on the computer and update my social media
Start working on my latest independent project

The next day, your mom calls a family meeting. She says that the whole family will be going on vacation to see 87-year-old Pop and Gram, your grandparents. What do you do?

I say, "Okay! I haven't seen them in forever! This'll be fun."
I go on social media to see if they have any accounts that I can stalk
I go through some photos of Gram and Pop that were taken like ten years ago, last time we saw them
I groan, saying, "Ugh! But they're so OLD!"
I ask my mom, "So what are they like? Did they ever ground you? Do they like dancing?"
I do some research on Pennsylvania, to see what exactly it will be like
I ask my mom if I can go to the bookstore to stock up on books for the long trip
I go on my blog, and say, "No! My mom and dad are making me go see Gram and Pop, who are these disgusting old people! Save me!"
I go online and search "ways to keep yourself entertained during a car ride"

You start packing for the trip. Your suitcase, containing clothes and hygiene supplies, will be packed in the trunk with the other suitcases. You get to take a bag in the car, with entertainment stuff. What do you bring?

A book, my notebook, some pencils, and my iPod
My call phone, notepad, and markers
My camera, iPod, earbuds, and sketchpad
An iPad mini
My iPod, earbuds, and a book or two
Books, my notebook, and a camera
Books! Lots of them! And my journal, pencil, and sketchpad.
My cell phone, iPod, and journal
My notebook, sketchpad, and colored pencils

When you finally get to Gram and Pop's house, they greet you at the door. The house smells like old people, mildew, and coffee. You'll be sleeping in the guest room, which means sharing a rickety bed with your sibling. At dinnertime, Gram says she's made stewed tomatoes and mushroom casserole - your least favorite meal. What do you do?

Of course I eat it! At the end, I thank them for cooking, and I help wash dishes.
I eat one bite, gag, and run to my room, where I go online and play games
I politely skip dinner, and then I go outside and take some aesthetic pictures of the moon, grass, and house
I say, " 'Ooh! Looks yummy!' said no one ever!" and laugh
I ask, "Where did you get these mushrooms? I need to know if they're variants of the poisonous Death Cap mushroom before I eat them."
I manage to eat a few bites, and then excuse myself to go read
I grudgingly choke it down, and then lock myself in the bathroom and write in my journal
Eat a few bites, then excuse myself so I can go to my room and post on my blog - "Ew! Just had to eat the most disgusting meal ever," along with every detail about Gram, Pop, and their house
Politely decline, but say, "Oh, Gram! That reminds me! I found this delicious recipe online for Shepherd's Pie. Do you want me to help you make it?"

The next day, Pop asks you to play chess with him. He's well-known in the family for his chess skills, whereas you're just an amateur. Plus, he has a tendency to play rematch after rematch, sometimes even getting up to fifteen rematches. What do you do?

I play chess with him for as long as he wants - it's fun!
I look up online "chess strategies" so I can finally learn how to beat him
I accept his offer, and while we're playing, I have my mom take a picture of us so I can post it online
I say, "Oh, that'll be great! But I'm kind of busy right now, so how about we play in two-thousand-and-NEVER!"
I agree to play, and then I ask him to show me his strategies
I play some games, all the while telling him some fun facts about the origins of chess
I agree to play a few games, but then I escape to my room to read
I lie and say I don't know how, and then before he can offer to teach me, I run to my room and post on my blog - "Ugh, chess... My boring grandfather just asked ME to play it with HIM! I'm like, uh, NO WAY, DUDE!"
I play a few games with him, and then I show him the DIY chess set I created

Later, you're exploring the house when you find a cool picture. You ask your mom about it, and she says it's your great-great-great grandfather. However, Pop overhears you ask the question, and he begins telling you a long story. It's been going on for over 10 minutes, and it's still going. What do you do?

I listen - this is really cool!
Whenever he's not looking, I make exaggerated yawns, and run my finger across my throat to show my mom how bored I am
I take pictures of all the artifacts he shows me
I say, "Wow! This is really cool! NOT."
I'm genuinely interested, so I ask, "Wow, really? So what did his wife do? Where exactly was this? What year did this happen?"
I have my notepad, and I'm taking notes
I'm taking mental notes; this will make a great story
I say I have to go to the bathroom real quick, and then I sneak to my room and make a quick post online about how my grandfather is so boring
I ask, "Are there any yummy family recipes?"