Are you a smart Minecrafter?

Are you a smart Minecrafter?

This quiz will tell you if you are smart in Minecraft - you know, rationing supplies, knowing where and where not to go - or not smart. Have fun! Made by a Minecrafter.

published on April 28, 201538 responses 9
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You've just started in a world. What's the first thing you do?

I start gathering wood.
I kill some animals for food.
I start exploring. I'll get food and wood when I need it.
What's a 'world?' I already live in a world, don't I?

You finally found a spot for your house and you finished building it. After you build your house, what do you do?

I craft a pickaxe and start mining.
I gather more wood and build some chests.
I go out exploring for a village.
What's the point of doing anything after I build my house? It gets boring.

Your house is pretty good now, and you've been playing for a while. You are down in your mine when you see some bluish-whitish squares in a block of stone. What do you do?

Diamonds! I mine them, after taking care of other dangers such as lava or monsters. When I mine them, I look
around. Where there's one diamond, there's another diamond!
I go over to them and mine them, without caring to check for hazards.
I know they're diamonds, so I go up and break them. Then I continue looking for coal, which was my original
What's blue and white? I leave it. Besides, I wouldn't even be staying on my computer for that long!

You have iron armor, iron tools, and a diamond sword. You want to go into the nether, but aren't sure if you are prepared. What do you do?

I kill some witches in the Overworld so I can get potions before venturing into the nether.
I go in, but I'm only looking for a nether fortress and if I see any monsters I leave.
I rush right in. I just want to get quartz.
What's the nether?

Your first mine was a naturally occurring cave, and you've cleaned it out. Now it's time to build your own mine. How do you go about that?

I find a good spot and carefully dig in a stairway-fashion.
Mining isn't one of my priorities.
I find a spot and just dig straight down.
I just look for another cave. I don't know how to 'build a mine.'

In your farm right now, you only have one row of wheat planted. What do you do now?

I plant carrots, potatoes, melons, and pumpkins.
I plant some more wheat, but that's it.
I plant some saplings so I can get wood.
I don't have a farm.

You see a mob that looks like a person, except with a long nose. They have brown clothes on and make sounds like Squidward. Who is it and what do you do?

It's a villager. I right click on it to trade.
I know it's a villager, so there must be a village nearby. I look for one.
I've heard of this thing called Herobrine before... maybe it's Herobrine! I run for my life.
What's a mob?

You have a chest room, a bedroom, a farm, and a mine right now. What do you add next?

I add a smelting room. The walls are lined with furnaces for me to smelt my ores and cook my food.
I'd add a brewing room, with brewing supplies and some cauldrons and a small nether wart farm.
I would add an extra room, put carpets on the floor, and call it the dancing room.
Um... don't people in Minecraft need to go to the bathroom? I'd add a bathroom.

You are mining when you see a mob that is a green and white rectangular prism, standing upright. It has a frowning mouth and two black beady eyes. Four squat legs are on its bottom end. What do you do?

Creeper! I quickly kill it before it explodes.
It's a creeper! I run away before it explodes.
Maybe I can lure it away with TNT. I mean, don't creepers blow up?
I go up to it. Maybe it's something I can eat.

You find an untamed wolf. What do you do?

I tame it with a bone so it can help me fight.
I tame it so it can have lots of puppies with my wolf I already have.
I have no need for it.
I would tame it, but I don't know how.

You're trying out a new mini-game server. You see a ledge, and below that is what looks to be a normal world. On the ledge is a sign reading "PvP below!" What do you do?

'PvP' stands for 'Player versus Player.' I get good armor and a sword before finding someone to team with, and then I
head down.
I get good fighting supplies and then go down.
I jump down and run far away. Hide and seek is my favorite game!
I jump down. What's wrong with a normal world?

In the PvP zone, you come across a biome with gray grass and things that look like giant mushrooms. What do you do?

I cut down the mushroom trees so I can make mushroom soup.
I'm on the lookout for mooshrooms! They're so cute!
I don't know what this biome is, so I head for another one.
What's a biome? Why would there be giant mushrooms?

Suddenly, in the biome, you see what looks to be a red cow with gray spots on it. Mushrooms are growing on its back. What do you do?

I get out a bowl and collect some mushroom soup.
A mooshroom! I keep it as a pet.
I run away. It might be dangerous.
What in the world is that thing?