What is your Personality 2

What is your Personality 2

Now, you will do ANOTHER quiz of your personality if you took the first test. If you didn't do the first one, do it before this one or do this one.

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You wake up and you are a different person. What is your reaction to that?

There is no such thing of people turning into someone else.
Ah! I'm scared!
I HATE different!
HA! That won't ever happen!
I don't care!
You panic!
Change myself back using a potion!
I won't look beautiful and handsome because I look UGLY!

What do you want to do in your spare time?

Read a book.
Nothing to do...
Be mad at someone else.
Lift weight and walk on the treadmill.
Play a trick.
Pick blueberries
Create spells.
Sleep. That is the only good thing I can do.
See which clothes fit me.

Your friend calls you and asks you to go on a cruise together while your parents aren't home. While you think, you remember your parents telling you never to go with strangers and you want to go on the cruise. What do you do?

Na! School is still in season!
Uh... sure!
There must be a lot of food on that ship!
I HATE cruises.
See if some girls/boys would adore you!
Sure! Hurry up! My parents are on the driveway!
Nature is more important than vacations!
I can create my OWN cruise!
I rather NOT go!

You were paid $5 to be the babysitter for 10 babies! Would you accept?

Yep. I'm always aware!
Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No? How should I know?!
I can cook for them but not the actual babysitting.l
I HATE babysitting!
NO! Changing too many baby diapers really stink! If one of them are potty trained that is...
Yes! I can teach them how to be funny!
Gosh NO!
NO! Turn them into potions I can use!
I don't know how to babysit.
Never! Affection on my beauty and my health.

Someone said, " Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh!" to you. What is your answer?

In the dictionary, there is no such thing as Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh.
Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh = food
I HATE Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh!
Shut your money where our face is weirdo.
Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh = BAD!
What did you say?
I can turn Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh into a word.
What is that?
Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh! Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh! Hhsafgahngnfdgballaagfh!

What do you not like to do?

Don't ask me!
Read a book.
Be obedient and listen to your parents.
Cut down trees.
When I look ugly.

Are you smart?

Certainly and absolutely correct.
uh... probably.
Who cares?!
Yes or No? Yes or No? How should I know?!
No one is smart. We need lives to take care of.
Of course I am!
I need to be fully taught in SCHOOL before getting smart.
Please don't talk to me.

Did you lie today?

But I...
I am good.
Yes, we lie.

People describe you as...

Intelligent, nerdy, and a good leader.
Lazy, sleepy, hate work.
A food consumer.
A grouchy person.
The best team mate.
A happy, joyful person. Sometimes gets into problems.
A nature lover.
Creative and Magical.
A follower.
The life of a party.

What is your scale of 1-10?


What is more suitable for you? Traveling around the world, staying home, or partying?

Travel around the world.
Stay at home and relax.
Travel to learn survival skills.
Stay to take care of stuff.
Party is fine.
Stay is good for me.
PARTY party party!

The funniest thing you ever saw was...

A funny book.
Someone sitting on a whoopee cushion.
Someone marrying a chicken.
There is nothing funny.
Someone tripping every time they run.
A kid throwing a pie on another kid.
The plant peeing.
Your family going out of control and doing non-human stuff.
I just laugh for no reason.
A funny joke or a funny face.

The worst thing you ever did was...

Rip a book.
Do someone elses work.
Skip breakfast and lunch.
Breaking a vase.
Getting into trouble.
Stepping on a plant.
Breaking a promise or getting F on your school work.
Wetting my bed.
Being ugly.

You went to jail. NOW WHAT?!?!?!?

I would never go to jail.
I don't KNOW!
Eat my way out cause the jail is made of candy.
Wait until the jail time period is finished.
Rip the bars out.
Beg to get out.
Dress up as a police man and tell the other police man that locking you up was a mistake.
Cry. What else is there to do?
Look at my reflection in the toilet.

Have you ever stole something?

Never in my life!
Maybe! HA!
I HATE stealing.
In the olden days I have.
Yep. No lie.
Of course NOT!
Stealing is not my deal.

Where would you go?

Somewhere quiet.
Somewhere relaxing and work-free.
Somewhere with a lot of food.
Nowhere is good.
Somewhere to feel good and play sports.
Uh...you know where.
Staying at home is good.
A place to destroy and take over.
My parents pick for me.
Somewhere cold.

Did you invent anything?

I HATE inventing!
My goal is not inventing.
I am more of a rebel.
I want to discover.
Of course I am an inventor!
I like beauty more.

A poor family is begging for food and you are rich. What do you do?

I have some important errands to run, I don't have time for family feeding!
Walk past by them.
I'm too greedy so NO!
Help them.
Try to but fail.
Call an ambulance.
Cure them.
Make them look good.

Which one?

This one!
This one.
This one?
Not this one!
This one!?
!eno sihT
Me! Here!
One this!

We are cut short -10 so goodbye.

I don't want to say goodbye.
Sooo... no more?
Time for departure.
My mom is calling so bye!