Who is your hunger games boyfriend? (2)

Who will it be?Loving Peeta, strong Cato, funny Marvel, or even adventurous Gale? Take this quiz to find out!

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Who is the cutest?

Peeta he is so sweet
Cato he is super hot!!!!
Marvel he is so funny
Gale he hunts with me

If you were reaped what do you take into the arena

A good joke book
A piece of bread from home
A smuggled weapon
A piece of squirrel meat

You are saying your goodbyes to your loved ones when you crush comes and says he will miss you. How do you react?

You blush and say I will miss you too
Have you seen me fight i will win for you
I might come back but if I don't you can have my book of terrible puns
If I don't come back can you hunt for my family

What do you do at the Cornicopia?

Run and hide
Grab weapons and kill
Crack a few jokes
Find a place to hunt

You kill someone how do you react?

Omg I am so sorry
Ha serves you right
I just killed three people in a row! Get it tree
Well time to eat that squirrel you have

Role play time! You are healing your partner back to health when he says he loves you what do you do?

Say I love you too and miss him
On well I have to kill you
Nice to meet you in am (your name)
Oh neat can you help me set a snare

You run into a little girl what do you do

Ally with her
Kill her
Joke about her being short
Teach her to hunt

who would you kill?


Now let fate decide

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