What Color Am I? (#2)

What Color Am I? (#2)

This is a sequel to the What Color Am I that I made first. This quiz includes all new answers and colors!

published on January 23, 201512 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

Choose a country!

Um... USA or Canada.
Italy or Afghanistan!
Egypt or Ireland.

What's your favorite animal?

Fox or tiger!
Cat, goldfish, or dog.
Wolf, panther, or owl.
Any killing machine!
Eagle, kitten, or bird.

Your status on grades/school is...

They're important... I guess. I want to get into a good college!
Oh, they're really important! They are my top priority!
I... I don't like school.
Who cares? I've got friends to hang with.
They're okay, but other things come first.

What's your style?

Neon colors, with bright nail polish, dyed hair, and funky shoes!
Jeans, a plaid or solid colored shirt, sensible sneakers, and combed hair.
Anything loose and comfortable.
I'm goth. Either goth or I wear neon stuff. Eh.
I like soft clothes, made out of cotton or silk.

Want a pet? Which one, if you do?

A dog!
A goldfish or another non-dirty animal.
A fluffy cutie kitty!
I don't want a pet. Maybe a snake or Rottweiler, but the responsibility is too much.

What food is your favorite?

Sandwiches, tomatoes, and lemonade.
Whole-wheat toast with organic strawberry jam that still has the seeds in it, fresh squeezed orange juice or milk,
and an apple, cut up with peanut butter at the ready.
Chocolate, kale, spinach, broccoli, or pasta.
Mashed potatoes, chocolate, cotton candy, or berries.
Anything spicy!

What is your biggest fear?

Heights and spiders.
Killing my loved ones.
My biggest fear is not studying for a test.
Guns or other weapons.
Nothing! I am fearless!