Which emoji are you? (3)

Which emoji are you? (3)

This seemed like a fun quiz to make, so.. here it is! I hope you guys like it!

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What is one word to describe you?


What is your favorite text emoji?


Oh no! A rainstorm ruins your plans for a fun outing with your friends! How do you react?

I'm sad, but I look on the bright side - now I get to spend the whole day at home with my family!
I'm so upset that I burst into tears and go to my room
I don't care; I just Skype my friends instead
I groan, moan, sulk, stomp, mope, and slam doors around the house all day
I shrug it off and spend time with my family
I'm devastated! We were going to have so much fun!
I bundle up in my hat, coat, boots, and an umbrella - I'll get to my friend's house if it's the last thing I do!
I'm upset, but I spend the day Snapchatting my friends instead
I get in my rain boots and stomp all the puddles I can see outside - I love the rain!

How would you like to spend a Saturday?

Playing with my pet
Spending time with my siblings
Playing sports
Doing homework
Watching movies
Hanging out with my best friends
Playing outside
Browsing the net

Out of these, which head accessory would you be most likely to wear? (Part 1)

(Sorry! I love these questions!)

A headband
A fedora!
A hair elastic or bobby pin
A silver hair clip
A hair bow
A beret
Glasses with a mustache hanging from a chain!
"Nerdy" glasses, maybe even with tape around the middle

Out of these, which shirt would you most want to wear? (Part 2)

A sweatshirt with my favorite band on it
A pastel colored tee
A plaid shirt
A glittery tank-top
A crop-top
A soft sweater
A t-shirt with a cute picture on it
A t-shirt with a video game or movie character on it
A t-shirt with a funny saying or picture on it

Out of these, which pants would you most want to wear? (Part 3)

Yoga pants
Skinny jeans
Fleece pants
A mini-skirt
A sequined and glittery skirt
Cute leggings

Out of these, which shoes would you most want to wear? (Part 4)

Knee-high boots
Ballerina flats
Cowboy boots
Ugg boots

What movie genre is your absolute favorite?

Chick Flicks

Out of these, what movie is your favorite?

(If you haven't seen any of these movies, pick the one that you most want to see.)

Finding Dory
Inside Out
Ted 2
It's A Wonderful Life
How To Be Single
X-Men: Apocalypse
Kung Fu Panda 3
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

RP for the rest of the quiz!

Your friend Amy has a championship soccer game today, and she's super nervous. What text message do you send to her?

"Keep calm girl, love ya"
"It's all about having fun :) Good luck!"
"Goooo Amy, ur the BEST one out there, U CAN DO THIS!"
"You're so good at soccer I know you can win this! <3 <3"
"Good luck Amy!!!"
"You go girl!! Have fun!"
"You can do this! I know you can! Go Amy! Try your best! Go Amy! Whoo!"
I text her a bunch of random emojis, followed by "LOL love ya Amy!!"
"Bffs forever remember that :D"

You find out that Amy's team lost the game, and she's devastated. What do you do?

I say, "It doesn't matter that you lost. I'm cool with that."
I tell her, "Hey, all that matters is that you had fun, right? You did awesome."
I tell her, "I'm sorry you lost! You're so awesome at soccer, and you deserved to win!"
I give her a pillow to punch, and listen as she rants about the game, making comments as she goes
I say to her, "It's not about winning. I'm proud of you no matter what."
I take her on a day-long shopping spree to take her mind off of it
I say, "Enough about soccer! Want to go play video games? You get to choose what we play!"
I hug her, and then I tell her "You're still my best friend no matter what, Amy," and take her out for ice cream
I tell her jokes and take funny pictures with her to cheer her up