Does Ben Drowned like you? (2)

Does Ben Drowned like you? (2)

Find out in the end to see if he likes you or not. Maybe only a friend or more. Good luck. Boys and girls can take this.

published on April 28, 202140 responses 11
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Me: Alright Ben. Get over here and ask this quizzer some questions.
Ben: *To busy playing a game on Nintendo switch*
Me: *Takes his Nintendo switch*
Ben: Hey! Why did you do that?!
Me: Because you have to ask this quizzer some questions. You can have it back when you are done.
Ben: Fine. Don't kill me for this but what is your favorite color?
Me: Welp. You've met with a terrible fate.
Ben: That's my line.
Me: I don't care.

Ben: Me too!
Ben: Cool.
Me: Awesome but I also like blood red.
Ben: Boo. That's a boring color.
Me: Agreed. No offense people out there that likes brown.

Ben: What is your favorite video game?
Me: Seriously? You had to ask that?
Ben: Yeah I had to. It's my question.
Me: Whatever.

Legend Of Zelda
Ben: Omg...
Minecraft or Fortnite
Ben: Cool.
Me: Mine too!
Killing games.
Ben: Great. We have another Jeff.
Me: Cool.
Ben: What is wrong with you?
Me: Jeff is just my favorite.
Ben: I'm sad now.
Me: At least we're friends.
Ben: Okay true.

Ben: What is your favorite food?
Me: Nice one.

Pizza and cheetos
Ben: Mine too!
Me: They are okay.
Steak and other meat
Ben: Cool I guess.
Me: Awesome!
Ben: Eww! No! Just no!
Me: Yuck. No offense E.J.
E.J. : That hurt and I was standing there by the door and heard it. Now I'm leaving. Bye.
Me: Bye and I'm sorry. I hurt E.J. guys. Now I feel guilty. I'm a bad person.
Ben: Yeah you are.
Me: Nobody asked you.

Ben: Who is your favorite besides me?
Me: Good one.

Ben: Me too. She's adorable.
Me: Agreed.
Bloody Painter (Bp)
Ben: He's cool.
Me: Yeah he's okay.
The Rake
Ben: Why? He's creepy as heck.
Me: Agreed.

Ben: What is your favorite animal?

Ben: Omg. Me too.
Me: They're okay.
Dogs or cats. Both.
Ben: Cool.
Me: Awesome!
Ben: Boring.
Me: Definitely.

Ben: What is your favorite song?

Game Over By Falling In Reverse
Ben: Omg. I want this person now.
Me: Wait until the end.
I'm In Love With A Killer By Jeffree Star
Ben: That's cool.
Me: Mine too!
Sweet Dreams By Marilyn Manson
Ben: Boo. That's boring.
Me: It's not so bad but not my favorite either.

Ben: Okay I'm done. Can I have my Nintendo switch back now?
Me: Yeah sure here you go. *Gives it to Ben*
Ben: Yay! *Leaves the room with it*
Me: Okay. Now it's my turn. What do you think of Ben?

He's awesome! I love him! (Not a fanboy/fangirl)
Me: Wow.
He's okay. We can be best friends!
Me: Okay cool.
I don't like him!
Me: Then why did you even take this quiz?

Me: What is Ben Drowned's real name?

Benjamin Lawman
Jeffrey Woods
Toby Rogers

Me: How old is Ben?


Me: Did you enjoy this?

Yassss! I liked it
It was okay
No. It needs improvement