Would you be in my zombie survival group?

It's a test to see if I would let you join my group if the zombie apocalypse ever happened.

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If we were attacking a group of zombies what would you do?

Join you KILLEM ALL!
Run away and hide
Do the thriller

If one of our best guys were bit on the hand what would you do?
When we were in our safe house

Cut off his hand quickly before the virus spreads throught his body
Kill him we only need the fittest here to survive
Leave him for dead

What's your weapon?

Silenced weapons such as guns with silencers
Go in loud machine guns etc.
Depends the situation on the weapons I'll use

What would be you uniform if you had time for one uniform of any clothing?
Out of the ones below

What I'm wearing
Dark camo military uniform
Knight armor

How would your hair be? Out of the listed of course?

Marine cut
Afropuff or long

Gun of choice?

Colt 45 or any pistol
Assault rifle

Combination of weapons.

Pistol with a machete
Assault rifle pistol on the holster and a boot knife
Fists YOLO

Any combat experience?

I took some fighting styles
I sissy fight does that count?
I shoot the gun here and there but I'm really good at it
I shoot everyday and I practice my combat skills all the time -awesome me too

Vehicle of choice?

A truck

Are you inshape?

Yes I do sports and train
Does a circle count as being in shape
I can try and keep up

Are you strong

Yes Im very strong and athletic
Eh medium but I can make it up with my shooting skills
I'm very weak


It was fun
It was very serious
It's dumb