What pet should you have?

What pet should you have?

This quiz is designed to reveal what pet you should probably get. Have fun!

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Does your house/apartment allow pets?

Only if they stay in my apartment/house and don't go outside.
Yes, and the pets are allowed to go outside for walks and bathroom trips.
Only if they're clean and stay in one spot.
Yes, and we have room to occasionally clean the cage.
Yes, and we have a huge yard/field to play in.
Yeah, they don't care!

What do you want most in a pet?

Someone to cuddle with.
Someone to walk with.
Someone just to keep me company.
Someone to talk to.
Someone to be free with.
Someone that I can use to prove how brave I am!

Where do you live?

In your average house.
In a normal neighborhood with a quiet street.
In an apartment.
On a large farm with my family.
In a regular house with walls that are not thin.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Sleep, read, or watch TV.
Get lots of exercise playing sports.
Read quietly with someone else.
Play with pets, friends, family, or toys.
Daydream or doodle.
Write stories or plan pranks.

How busy are you?

Mostly busy, but I still have free time.
Kind of busy, but not that much.
Very busy.
Moderately busy.
Not busy at all!

What's your favorite animal?

Tiger, lion, or panther.
Wolf, fox, dingo, or coyote.
Angelfish, pufferfish, coral, clownfish, or goldfish.
Gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, or rat.
Donkey, zebra, horse, deer, or moose.
Lizards, snakes, turtles, or other reptiles.

If someone was constantly demanding your attention, how would you react?

Depends on my mood - I'd either get away from them or spend time with them.
I would laugh and play a lot of games with them.
I'd say, "Get the heck away from me!"
I would cuddle with them.
I would smile and spend a lot of time with them.
I would ignore them.

What do you care about most in a friend?

How empathetic and caring they are.
How loyal and honest they are.
How annoying they are.
How beautiful or handsome they are.
How much they are like me.
How popular they are!

What's your favorite subject in school?

I hate school.

What word best describes you?