What Yandere are you?

What Yandere are you?

This is my first quiz so be nice. This quiz decides what yandere are you like are you a lovestruck one or a protector or etc. well se ya in the quiz.

published on August 23, 201722 responses 5 4.7★ / 5

What are you into?

I want my senpai to notice me!!! (Me: You sound like someone i know)
I like hanging out with my friends and teasing them. (Me: you are like me)
I-I like being alone s-sometimes....(Me: don't be shy)

So what is your favorite color? (eyes turn crimson red) Come near me I dare you...

Anything my senpai likes
I like (your favorite color)
I-I Like (your favorite color)

What do you do in your free time?

I do anything i want (Me: Me too)
I listen to music (Me: I do that sometimes)
I stalk my senpai!!! (Me:...)

What type guy/girl you into?

Smart, caring, and SENPAI!!!!! (Me:wow)
I am not into those kinds of things (Me: same)
I like kind, sweet, smart guys/girls (Me:Awww)

What do you love about your senpai?

I just hang out with my friends so i am not intrested in that sort of thing. (Me: Same)
I like how sweet and kind he is (Me: still Awwww) you: *blushes* it is not aww
He is handsome and smart and i need him (Me: o.O)

Sorry this is short please don't write mean things in the comments. This is my first quiz so i hoped you like it. And this doesn't set your personality. it is just for fun.

Ugh where is my senpai and this quiz sucked (Me: GaMe OveR)
You can be my new friend and this quiz was good (Me: Thx)
Yah i-it was good (Me: Please don't be shy) (Hoodie i l-like her) (Me: This is not a creepypasta quiz) (Hoodie: F-fine..)