Are you in love? (7)

Hmmm... I wonder! You can find out with this quiz, you know! Such a cool thing right XD

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Seeing your crush makes you think...

OMG thats them!!!
Ooooh! Yay!
Hey, look, its them!

How long have you liked them?

Half a year or more
A couple months
I dont know. Not long.
Like? You mean, know?

What happens when you talk to them?

i get really nervous <3
I look away so that I dont look stupid
We talk
I just leave

RP: He/she drops their pencil in class, and you can reach it. What do you do?

Pick it up, and hand it to him under the desk with a flirty "hey"
What do you think? I give it to him/her!
Pick it up, and pretend I'm not going to give it back
Ignore it

Regardless of what you answered to the last question, you quietly hand him the pencil. He/she says "Hey" and you think it sounds flirty! What do you do?

Say hey back, and crank up the charm!
Say 'heres your pencil', and move on with a flirty grin
Say hey back, in a flat tone
Say "yea so here" and move on

The teacher overhears you and confronts you in front of the class. What do you do?

Get super embarrassed. He/she shouldn't see me like this!
Get embarrassed. Its only human!
Remember to joke about this later
Blame him/her

End RP: If you were to spend a night with your crush, what would you do beforehand?

I would plan everything from outfits to conversations!
Make a nice outfit, do my hair
Look presentable