What book should you read next? (1)

What book should you read next? (1)

Are you bored? Sitting on a couch or in a chair, feeling listless? Well, groan no more, because all your boredom will be removed when you take this simple and easy quiz. It will tell you what book or book series you should read next! Have fun!

published on May 14, 201550 responses 8
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What's your favorite book genre?

Historical fiction
Realistic fiction
I don't have a favorite

Which of these characters sounds most intriguing to you? (I don't take credit for any of these!)

A young boy who suddenly stops talking
A squirrel with superpowers
A boy with an incurable disease
A girl who loves adventure and survival things
A funny middle-schooler who hates reading
A kid who goes on all sorts of crazy adventures

How long do you like your books?

Pretty long
Pretty short
It depends

What do you enjoy when you read books?

I enjoy it when they are insightful or wise
I enjoy a bit of humor
I like fantasy where I can escape into a world that's not mine
I like when I'm on the edge of my seat
I like when I can relate to the main character
I enjoy it when anything can happen

Do you like books in a series?

I don't like books in a series
I like it when the author of a book has written lots of other books, but I don't like it when it's a series
I like when the author has written multiple other books with the same genre, but I don't like it when it is a series
Yes, I do
I like it when the author has written other books involving the same characters, but I don't like it if they must be
read in a certain order
Yes! The longer the series, the better!

What author do you like best?

Suzanne LaFleur
Kate DiCamillo
Doug Tennapel
Pseudonymous Bosch
Janet and Jake Tashijan
I can't decide

Why are you looking for a new reading book?

So I can work my brain and start thinking about books
So I can laugh, cry, and stretch my emotions
Because I'm bored
Because I read all the other books I have
Because I am being forced to
Because all the other books I have are too predictable

Where do you like to read books?

In a soft and quiet place where I can be alone
On the couch
In my bed
In a comfy beanbag
In a car
Anywhere I can

How do you like books to make you feel?

A mixture of feelings
On the edge of my seat

What is your reading level? (Sorry if this is too personal... remember, I can't see what users chose certain answers; I can only see how many users chose a certain answer.)

I'm a pretty high level
A little above average
In the middle
Kind of high, but not THAT high
Kind of low
I don't know

Do you like romance?

I like schoolgirl crushes, but nothing more serious than that
The playful friendship kind of romance, but nothing else
Yeah, but nothing serious
No, I just like intense friendships
Ew! Not at all!
Not really, but maybe I would like it every once in a while

How fast can you finish a book?

A bit fast
Mostly fast, but sometimes slow
In average time
It depends on the length of the book
Not that fast
Very fast