What type of guy would be best for you to date?

Take this quiz and figure out the type of guy that would be the most compatible with your interests and personality. Girls only sorry!

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Which of these date locations appeals to you the most?

An afternoon wandering around a science mueseum
Hanging out at a big football game
The opening night of a visiting art gallery
A raging party at a friends place
A hike in a nearby nature park
A comedy club
Window shopping at the mall

For someone to be your best friend they have to...

Be able to share a fangirling moment with you.
Push you to be your best.
Help you to find meaning in things.
Force you out of your comfort zone
Help you try new things
Always be able to make you laugh
Keep you in the know and looking fabulous

You ideal date-night-in would include?

An epic video game marathon
Soccer in the backyard
Indie-music dance party
Getting a little drunk and climbing up on the roof
Chatting and browsing magazines
A pile of blankets and some Netflix
I don't really like date-night-in

What restaurant sounds the best to you?

A classic diner with old arcade games
A sports bar
A cozy little coffee shop cafe
A biker bar
A snack-shack with picnic tables on the beach
A downtown cafe with a lot of hilarious regulars
The new bistro on the corner that just opened up

Pick a charity to donate to:

A group of people who bring books to school in underdeveloped countries
An initiative to get kids active
An organization that provides funds to schools so that they can grow their art and music programs
An organization working to preserve national parks
An organization that books comedians and actors/actresses to go visit and preform for kids in
A project that makes the internet more easily available in underdeveloped countires
Charity isn't really your thing...

Pick a movie type for your first date:

A science fiction movie with out of this world visual effects!
An film adaptation of your favorite book
A horror movie
A film festival winner
A sports movie
A super cheesy romantic comody
Anything comedy
An adventure movie
A foreign film with subtitles

On weekends you can usually be found...

In the library
In the local arts center/community theatre
At the gym
In the closest park
Watching funny movies at home
At home reading gossip magazines and browsing the internet
Off causing trouble

What's your favorite thing about school?

The classes
The Friday night footbll games
Art class
Field trips
Hanging with the cool kids
Making fun of all the weirdos