what does Eyeless jack think of you? (1)

He might be your friend, he might hate you... who knows? Take this quiz to find out!

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What's your fav food?

Idk, pizza?
Organs, kidneys.. that stuff. They're the
Chinese take-out. Tofu or something. Or a glass of water?

What's your fav color?

Idk... red? Like blood?
me: OK, calm down. Geez.
Black like the... oh, I don't even know anymore.

What do you think will happen?

He'll be my best friend, I know it!
He probably hates me a little. ;)
Nah... he wants to kill me.

Which is your fav?
$lendy or eyeless jack??

Eyeless jack!!! :D
Slender man: *looks up* don't call me that.

Which one suits you?

*:;;*&%=*-(+ I kill people.
$$$ I steal moneys.
:3 I just... I love cats, ok?
#E.J.s fan girl lol ;)