Which author's books should you read?

Which author's books should you read?

Are you looking for a new author to become obsessed with? Have you been wanting a new book to read? If so, then take this quiz! It will tell you the author whose books you should start reading!

published on September 27, 201627 responses 12
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Which genre of books do you like best?

Graphic novels
Science fiction

What is your reading level, from 1-6?

1- I'm not that great at reading, and I can't comprehend books with no pictures.
2- I'm okay at reading, but I don't have a long attention span.
3- I'm pretty good at reading, but don't like reading long or boring books.
4- I can read very well if the plot keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I don't lose interest in a book once I start it.
5- I'm a very good reader, and I never get bored with long books; however, I sometimes have difficulty
understanding plot.
6- I read extremely well. I love reading adult books, and I have no trouble reading really long books, even if they get
boring in parts.

Are you okay with romance in books?

No! I hate romance in books!
Sometimes, but only if it's just crushes.
If it's just a small kiss here and there, and in no way the focus of the book, then I'm fine with it.
I like seeing the developing relationships between certain characters.
Yeah; I like reading romance books so they can help me with the boy/girl troubles I have in real life.
It depends.

Do you like scary books?

No! I hate scary books; they give me nightmares!
Nah, I don't enjoy scary books.
Not really, but I guess I'm okay with it if it's solved by the end.
I like it when there are random, surprise horror scenes, that go away quickly.
Yup. I like books when they're a bit creepy.
Yes! I absolutely love super-terrifying books! They're my favorite!

Who is your favorite author at the moment?

Doug Tennapel
R. L. Stine
J. R. R. Tolkien
Lois Lowry
Too many to count!
Ew... I hate reading!

Which TV show do you like the most, out of these?

Girl Meets World
Once Upon a Time
Liv & Maddie
The 100
Stranger Things

What kind of book do you want?

Something I can relate to
Something that makes my hair stand on end
Something that keeps me on the edge of my seat
Something that makes me laugh
Something with a bunch of action and adventure
Something that makes me think

Which of these thoughts do you think most often?

"Why did that person stop being friends with me?"
"That's creepy!"
"That would make a good book."
"I have an idea for a prank!"
"This is so boring."
"That's interesting..."

Which of these statements is most true about you?

You're struggling with adolescence and have trouble relating to people.
You're morbid and dark, and people think you're scary.
You're whimsical and superstitious, and have a great imagination.
You hate school, but love breaking rules and pulling pranks.
You're constantly doodling strange creatures and daydreaming.
You get really strange ideas sometimes, and you're really philosophical.

How long do you like books to be?

Not that long; a quick read
Short to medium, but mostly short
Medium to long, but mostly medium
Kind of long, but most of it is pictures
About an inch thick, so, pretty long
Very long - at least an inch and a half thick