Why do people love you?

Why do people love you?

This is the Holiday Quiz Special! This quiz will tell you why your family and friends just can't resist you.

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If you had one wish, what would it be?

For my friends and family to have everything they want!
World peace
A lifetime supply of candy!
Money and homes for all the people in need
More wishes, of course!

Which animal matches your personality the most?

A bunny!
I'd probably say.. a kitten
A wild and crazy monkey
A loyal dog!
Definitely a tiger - they're so brave and cool!

You want to start a fundraiser. What will you raise money for? (1/2)

Homeless shelters
An animal shelter!
A local business!
All the underfunded hospitals around the world..
Ack, there are so many choices! I can't choose!

What do you actually do to raise the money? (2/2)

I ask people I know to donate!
We put lots of posters around that tell people why to donate
We could hold a talent show!
I sell things, like baked goods, bracelets, or t-shirts
A Walkathon!

What holiday is your favorite? (If you don't see it on this list, choose the one most similar to it.)

Valentine's Day, obviously!
New Year's Day!

Which mythical creature would you rather meet?

Hmm... a pegasus, I think
Uh, a unicorn- duh!
Probably a dragon.
An ogre! Or maybe a phoenix!

If you sent a text to your crush, what text would you be most likely to send?

"Hey, I'm kinda upset right now, and I need someone to talk to... are you available? :("
"Um, I wanted to say, uh, I kind of have a crush on you, so, I wanted to let you know. If you don't feel the same way about me, that's okay. I was just wondering if you do."
I'd send my new version of the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke!
"Want to study for the test together at my house tomorrow? I have chips and dip! B)"
"Wanna play a Minecraft mini-game together? Bet I'll beat you ;)"

What's your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

Hugging and kissing!
Saying "I love you"!
Giving cards!

Your parents tell you that your favorite aunt just died. What do you do?

This is the worst news ever - I cry really hard with my family
Burst into tears, but I want to keep her in my heart - I make a scrapbook about that aunt
I'm sad, but death is a part of life - I try to cheer everyone up
I'm really upset, but I know that my uncle must be feeling even worse - I talk to him to tell him how sorry I am
I'm mad- why did she have to die; it's not fair - I go to my room and slam the door

Your friend calls to tell you that her dad is sick and in the hospital. What do you do?

I cry with them and tell them I'm really sorry
I go with my friend to visit him at the hospital and bring flowers
I get my friend to help me send him a bunch of get well cards at the hospital
I listen to them rant, offering my support when needed
I work hard to plan a special party for my friend

You're at the pet shop with your family, looking for an animal to take care of. What pet do you want to get?

Definitely a cute Labrador!
Probably a kitten!
A funny bird - probably a parrot, or another breed that talks
A lizard, because it's cool to observe
A little puppy, of course - so adorable!