Which Link are you? - four swords

Which Link are you? - four swords

Which Link are you? Are you Blue,Green,Vio,Shadow, or Red! This quiz is very accurate!

published on July 09, 2014 53 responses 11 4.7★ / 5

When in a fight what do you do?

Use your magic, you can't really get hit though because your a shadow.
Study your surroundings and analyze the situation
Come up with a plan and tell everyone what to do
Head right into the fight no matter what
Try to fight , but you cry during it

What do you like to do for a hobby?

Read and stay calm.
Try to fit in
Adventure to places and do chores
Be helpful and kind to everything
Practice fighting and hunting

Who out the links do you like the best?

I like Shadow the best. Shadow- aww thanks
I like Vio the best. Vio - cool
I like Red the best. Red- tears of joy
I like Blue the best. Blue YES!!!
I like Green the best. Green thank you

What is your favorite color? You knew it was coming!


Have you read the Four Swords manga?

Never read it.
I have read it over 10 times!
I have read it once
:( i have never read it, but i will
I have read it multiple times

Last question! How did u like dis?

It was good
Waah it was fun i don't want it to end
Yeah! It was good
It was Boring!
Good. Very good

Jk not last question! Do you play video games

I love video games
Yes i do
Tears i love video games
Of course i do why wouldd you even ask

Do you have good grade

Yes, i have excellent grades
Why do i have to answer this?
Yeah accept in behavior .... Sometimes
Yeah they are balanced
Yes i have good grades! I have All A's in behavior

What type are you

Ignored type
Smart type
Crybaby type
Focused type
Tempered type

Do people like you

Yes lots of people like me
People better like me
Yeah they do
Tears. I hope they like me.
Some people don't even notice me.

Do you love any of the links? If u are a boy pretend they are girls

I love shadow! Shadow- someone loves... Me?
I love Red! Red- aww thanks
I love Green! Green- thank you
I love Vio. Vio- cool
I love Blue. Blue- woo hoo

Out of these five things what are you?

I am aggressive
I am misunderstood
I am a wimp
I am motivated
I am smart

Are you smart or dumb?

I am both smart and dumb.
Nobody better call me dumb
I am smart and sometimes dumb
I am super smart
I think i am smart

Who is ready for the real last question. Are you ready to find out who you are?

Yeah I am
You better tell me
(Sigh) sure i guess