Who is your future boyfriend?

Who is your future boyfriend?

Out of these six wonderful men, who would fall head over heels for you? Let's see (PS: this isn't a serious quiz :- ) )

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Which of the scenes seems appealing/exciting to you?

Running away from a sexy thief
Playing with a cutie
Flirting with a man whom you can't have
(If she breathes she's a thoot)
Cuddling a fluffy cutie uwu
Being stuck with a perv
Being dominated by a hot guy

Favorite pass times

Watching cartoons
Hugging my stuffed toy or collecting dolls
Roaming around casually and who knows I
might find something interesting on the
Going to pools, modelling, being attractive
; )
Cheating/ fooling around : P
Playing chess or any other sport . I like to
be active physically and mentally

What's attractive in a guy

Smart guys B )
Being pervy . It's attractive ya know o//o
Cute guys?
Idc I just want a man who satisfies me in
every way and treats me like a princess
and I wouldn't even mind his sweet lies
Guys who can entertain kids. I like such
guys. Those type of guys make good
Always stalking me. Lol. That shows his
attention is always on me hehe

Do you care about looks?

He should look smart, tall and handsome !!!
I like short guys uwu
I just want him to bee cuuuutee
Nah I don't. He should just be kind!
I don't care even if he looks life a clown. I
mean I like that kinda. I like funny looking
I don't even care

What should he like you in you

My body uwu
How fragile and innocent I am
My charm
How gorgeous I am
How playful I am
My outgoing personality

Ok bai fateee