What kind of parter are you?

What kind of parter are you?

Its in the tital! What type of partner are you? You might be relaxed or totaly crazy! Find out here! XP

published on January 12, 201583 responses 28
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Your partner promises to call you very night while they are on holiday. Its been five days since they have called you. What are you thinking?

They are definatly with someone else! You can't beileve your partner is cheating on you!
Your worried. Five whole days!? What if something terrible has happened!?
Your kind of annoyed. You understand it a holiday and everything. But is a call to much to ask for?

Your partner hates your favourite type of film but you have finally conviced them to watch yet another one with you. How do you feel?

Smug. Its their JOB to watch these kind of movies with you.
Happy. Their willingness to do something they don't enjoy for your sake is sweet. You are already plotting something sweet back for them.
Guilty. You can't even enjoy the movie because all your thinking about is how upset they must feel.

You're about to go on a date with your partner and they say they have had a rough day and want to cancel the date. What do you say?

Cry a little and plead wth them while asking if "They still love you"
Compare your levels of life with thiers. They have no excuse. And if they still refuse threaten them with a break up.
Give them their space. They will be happy with you for understanding, even if you are pretty annoyed.

Your partners parents just invited you over for dinner but you don't get along with the mother. How do you behave?

Sassy mode activated. She's going to have to exept the fact that you are dating her son/ daughter.
Act like nothing is wrong and hope she follows your example
Be polite and kind. You hope the invertation is her way of making it up to you. Maybe?

You and your partner are having a disagreement and it is soon turning into a full blown fight. What do you do?

Give them the silent treatment, you know it drives them crazy
Apologize then reason with them. You both need to take a step back and calm down
Rage at them. Break them down with insults and aggerestion