Are you Sherlock or Watson?

Are you Sherlock or Watson?

no. not the old guy who loves bees and the other old guy. no. im talking about the BBC version of sherlock and Watson. the good version.

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What is this?

What is this?
A death frisbee
a deerstalker
an ear hat

who is this?

who is this?
* pupils dilate * Its Sherlock
Me- Um i mean Its Sherlock

Whos this?

Whos this?

You are alerted that a man has been found dead. Your reaction?

* smiles * Im on the case!
oh no! Sherlock, why are you smiling?


no. it makes you look old
sure ill try i out.

Pick one.

Um.. i dont know.

How does the earth move?

Around the sun. easy.
i dont know, it dosent matter

thats all! see ya!

goodbye nice to meet you!
* just walks off *