What should be on your holiday wish list this year?

What should be on your holiday wish list this year?

This is the Holiday Quiz Special! This quiz will tell you which item should go on your holiday wish list this year. NOTE: I'll be saying "Christmas" in the quiz, but if you celebrate Hanukkah or something else, replace "Christmas" with the holiday you celebrate. Also, since I am a girl, I will be making this quiz for girls only, so sorry if I offend you or if you're lesbian.

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What school class do you always look forward to?

Science or math
Gym, duh!
Obviously lunch or recess.
None... I hate school

What style of clothes do you typically wear?

Bright, funky, sparkly
Colorful, unique, quirky
Sophisticated, comfy, casual
Cute, stylish, trendy
Quirky, fun, bright
Patterned, sparkly, unique
Flexible, casual, sporty

What are you more likely to wear to school?

(I know the last question, this question, and the next question kind of seem the same, but they're not.)

A bright shirt, colorful leggings, and a sparkly skirt
Overalls and a cool t-shirt
Sweatpants and a comfy shirt
Jean shorts, a cute belt, and a crop-top
Loose jeans and a graphic tee
A pastel skirt, leggings, and a colorful t-shirt
Leggings and a tank-top

What are you most likely to wear on a date?

A sparkly tank-top and jean shorts
Probably a striped shirt and capri pants
Skinny jeans and a sweater
A cute dress
A bright skirt and a tank-top
A flowered shirt and some soft pants
Some cute leggings and a pretty shirt

Which shoes fit your personality the most?

Sparkly pink sandals
Sophisticated heeled boots
Lace-up boots
Neon colored flip-flops!
Definitely some pastel flats
Some sturdy green and gray sneakers

Let's get into holiday traditions.... Okay, what's your favorite part about the holidays?

(If these things aren't a part of the holiday you celebrate, choose which one you would like the best.)

Getting presents!
Shopping for presents for other people
Time off from school
Sleeping in!
Playing in the snow
Seeing my family again!
Hockey/other winter sports

RP! You're at a holiday party and a relative gives you an ugly, mustard-yellow hand-knit blanket. It's scratchy, and there are a few knitting mistakes in places. What do you do?

I can't control my surprised expression, but I manage to say, "Wow, thanks... It's cool..."
"Thanks so much!" When I get home, I find a creative way to use it, like as a doily or something.
"Thanks, Aunt Bea. I appreciate it. I'll be sure to keep it on my bed at all times."
I thank them, but when I get home, I hide it in my closet - it's ugly!
"This color looks like barf," I joke, and everyone laughs
I wrap it around my doll and use it as her shawl!
When I get home, I "accidentally" lose it under a pile of junk - oops...

After everyone passes out gifts at the party, it's time for food and food-related activities. What do you head straight towards?

The pile of yummy-looking sparkly silver cookies...
The cookie decorating station!
I help with the baking.
I'll eat later - first, I tweet a picture of all the goodies
The gingerbread house-making station!
They all look so yummy! I try them all.
My cousin and I compete to see who can eat the most chocolate chip cookies in one minute

It's [insert-name-of-your-holiday-here] morning! What do you do?

Jump out of bed and race downstairs to open my present(s)!
I try to guess what present(s) I got
Get dressed, make my bed, open my curtains, and THEN participate in the festivities
Get on social media and say, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!" with a bunch of emojis
Immediately meet my family, and my parents take a video of me opening my present(s)
Hug my parents and then open my present(s)
Sneak into my sibling's room, wake them up, and then push them out of the way so I can get downstairs first

(RP ended) What pet would you most like to have?

A canary - their music would be awesome
A parrot, because they're colorful
Cats are fluffy and cute, so... a kitten!
A lizard - they're funny
A fish, because I would make little props for his tank so he wouldn't get bored
A dog - I can get exercise
Any pet!