A Little Insane Part 1

A Little Insane Part 1

WARNING! If you don't like strong language I suggest you leave, SORRY! Okay so... This is a Sonic Wwffy BUUUT~... IT'S WITH OC'S! :D SO yeah... Hope you enjoy it! If I can get at least ONE just ONE user to favorite this I will continue the series asap. Bye! :D

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Hey... I'm Y/N and I'm in my junior year in high school at Chaos High in Mobious.

Nice. I hope I have friends. (Me: ^.^U) Whats the sweat drop for? (Me: No reason! ^~^U) -.-"
I hope the other students are nice to me and even if there not I'll promise to me nice either way. :) (Me: Awe~ So sweet!)
I hope I don't have to wear one of those ugly school uniforms. >.< XP (Me: ;_; Their not ugly... I like the school uniforms.) I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to hurt you. :( (Me: It's okay! :D Friends?) Friends! :D

It hasn't been easy for me.

What? Why? ;-;
What are you talking about?
How come?

I'm alone... I have been for a while now.

WTH?! Didn't I have a boyfriend or something?! (Me: O.O *throws a cookie at you* Please calm down. It scares me when people yell
at me. D'x) X3 *eats cookie*
I must have had SOMEONE. (Me: Maybe~) Huh? (Me: Nothing! *hides and throws a cookie at you* Please don't kill me.) Cookie!
But... But... D': (Me: Awe~ I'm sorry! DX *gives you a cookie*) *slowly eats cookie while smiling a bit*

I used to have a boyfriend. His name was Gavin the Hedgehog. He had raven black quills, bold yellow eyes, and a peach muzzle. He wore grey pants and a soft black hoodie all the time with black converses.

O.O My boyfriend sounds Bad a**! (Me: language! DX)
He sounds like a bully. (Me: Yeah~...)
He sounds like a player. (Me: *starts singing Blank Space by Taylor Swift* Cause you know I love the players. And you love the game!

After two years on our anniversary Gavin broke up with me... He never told me why but now he treats me like poo poo.

That meany! D'X

-Y/N: [Life has been ha-]-
_?: Watch were you're going! *pushes you* *mumbles* Stupid b!tch._
=?: *chuckles* Good one Gina.=
-Y/N: I-I'm sorry G-Gina. *looks down*-
_Gina: You better be. *walks away snickering*_
-Y/N: [That's Gina the Dark. She the popular and strong b!tch that always gets into fights and usually wins. We used to be best friends, like sisters. She started to hate me when I went out with Gavin, but it's okay really...] *jumps being forced out of thought to a weird sound* *to self* What is that? *goes investigating* *see's your Ex Gavin and your classmate Korbyn making out*-


<Korbyn: *breaks the kiss, still in his arms* Wait... What if someone sees us Gavin?>
/Gavin: Don't worry Korbi, no one will see us. *smirking*/
<Korbyn: *rest her head in the crook of his neck* I'm so happy were together. *smiling into his neck*>
/Gavin: Me too. *smirking* You're way better then my ex Y/N was./
<Korbyn: I love you Gavin.>
/Gavin: I love you too Korbi./

*plotting his death trying to hide sadness*
*whimpering adorable at the sight of the and the sting of your words*
*tears flowing like there is no tomorrow*

-Y/N: W-why Gavin?-

Why? Two years of lies? :((
Why? After two years of you telling me you loved me you go and do this to me... :((
Why?! What the HELL?! After all I gave and have done for you and you stab me in the back for that SLUT! :((

-Y/N: WHY?! *tears staining your muzzle* *runs out of the school*

I shouldn't be crying... He's an asshole!
I'm trying not to cry...
TTT^TTT No tears... Hold them back...

-Y/N: But I can't! :(( *collapses to the ground in shaking sobs* I love him!-

*screaming in a whole swirl of emotions* D'X

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