What does Rarity think of you?

Use this fun quiz to find out what Ponyville's famous fashionista thinks about you.

published on December 23, 201461 responses 16 4.5★ / 5

I am Rarity, and I am going to ask some questions. First of all, how are your table manners?

I have the best manners.
Rarity - Thank Celesia!
I don't care about manners. Manners are
Rarity - NO respect.
People are always telling me that I have
horendous table manners.

Do you have a flair for fashion?

OMG! Fashion is my pashion!
Rarity - I LOVE it!
I like fashionable clothing.
Rarity - Me too!
Uh, nope.
Fashion is stupid!
Rarity - (gasps) You DIDN'T!

Do you mind getting your hooves dirty?

Don't even mention dirt!
Rarity - EXACTLY.
I love dirt!
Rarity - Ugh.
I don't HAVE hooves.

Would you even consider sleeping in a barn?

Heavens no!
Rarity - Me neither
Might be fun.
Rarity - Everyone is entitled to his/her
Sure! Straw is nice n' soft.
Rarity - "n'"?
I hate barns and I hate you!
Rarity - Well...

What do you think of moi?

You are awesome.
I wish you could get yourself dirty
I hate you.

What do you think of mlp?

OMG! MLP is awesome!
Rarity - Glad you think so.
I like it.
'S cool.
Hate, hate, hate!
Rarity - You didn't have to take this quiz!