Do i care about your life?

this quiz will determine wether you matter to me or not, have fun, except if you get a bad result, then have a bad time

published on November 27, 201823 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

you open up a computer, which would you search

the new rap song
pokemon fusions
memes and vines

you see applesauce, what do you do

chug it!
grab a spoon and eat it
throw it away

you see a new undertale au wiki

read it and think its cool
make fun of it by making a couple jokes
open inspect and mess it all up

there is a fedora that costs 60 dollars but looks really edgy, do you buy it

i would be skeptical but might buy it
i would buy it without hesitation
hecks no

there is a cat breaking everything in your house

dont do anything
yell at it to stop
join it