Which long spiked collar are you?

Which long spiked collar are you?

In the game Animal Jam, there are eight different colors of rare long spiked collars. Which one are you?

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Which is your main animal?

Arctic wolf

When you're in Jamaa Township, what are you usually saying in chat?

I'm hosting an adventure
"Who wants to be my buddy?"
"Beta giveaway my den!"
"Gift me for mailtime video!"
"Please trade fairly for my art!"
"Fashion show my den!"
"Trade FAIR for my spikes!"
Nothing; I'm just sitting there waiting for trade requests

What type of Animal Jam YouTube videos do you usually make/watch?

Adventure walkthroughs
Gifting random Jammers awesome items
Tips & tricks
Trade attempts
Outfit ideas

Which outfit seems more like your main look?

Bat mask, bat wings, lava glove
Jester hat, mustache, rainbow gauntlets - anything random and silly
Tiara, spring flower bracelet, and gold chain necklace
Flower crown, elf bracelets, mystical faerie wings
Ninja mask, spiked wristband, beard, elf armor
Designer skirt, beret, sneakers, Peck necklace
Headdress, tutu, princess necklace, high heels
Black long, black worn, black top hat... the works

Role-play time!

Aparri buddies you. What's your reaction?

Eh, that's pretty cool; now I can be in his videos
Completely freak out - the Potato King is now my buddy! Yes!
Smile uncontrollably and gift him a black long with a note saying "Omg thank you so much, I love your videos!"
Be really happy that my idol noticed me
Take a lot of selfies with him and brag about it on social media
Make him a ton of fanart as a thank-you gift
Scream and immediately call all of my friends to tell them
Unbuddy him; he's a jerk

You're in Julian2's den, just chilling, when all of a sudden, he comes in! What do you do?

Say "Guys give bean some space!"
Change into my Spinny Boi animal, duh!
Squeal and say "Hi Julian, I love your videos so much!"
Ask him how his day was
Record a video of this moment and post it on my YouTube channel
Take a secret selfie with him to preserve the moment
Begin fangirling, and say in chat "King bean!! Omg auto pls!"
Leave - I hate Julian2!

You're watching WisteriaMoon's video and realize that you're in it! How do you react?

I feel proud: now I can check "Be in famous Jammer's YouTube video" off of my bucket list!
I freak out - I'm famoose!
I'm really happy, and I spend the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face
I blush profusely, what if I was being too fangirl-y and people don't like me now?
I'm happy, because maybe now I'll get more subscribers!
I screenshot the moment where I appear and make a special edit
I squeal and quickly text all of my friends saying "OMG LOOK AT WISTERIA'S NEW VID!"
Whatever; WisteriaMoon is annoying and stuck-up

You get a notification saying "Bepper just uploaded a video." What do you do?

Leave it open in a new tab so I can watch it later today
Excitedly watch it - I love Bepper!
Go right to it, give it a thumbs up, and watch it
Ignore it; I'll watch it later
Comment on it "FIRST"
Watch it to the end, give her a nice comment, and like it
Try to be the first like and comment, but be sad when someone else already is
Watch the first few minutes, then roll my eyes because Bepper is immature

You win a giveaway and get a black long! What's your reaction?

I say "Congrats to the other participants!"
I freak out - my first black long!
I'm really happy - now I can gift it to my best friend!
I'm super excited, so I gift the person back something good
I take a screenshot and post it on social media
I'm really happy, so I make fanart for the person that gave it to me
I immediately make a new look with it
I add it to my other 10 black longs

You see someone in Jamaa sitting off to the side putting the crying emoji up. What do you do?

They're being annoying and spamming the chat, so I send them a Jam-a-Gram saying "Please stop repeating that emoji."
I buddy them
I go up to them and say "Aww, what's wrong?"
I Jam-a-Gram them asking them if they're okay
I ignore them; I'm too busy to help
I tentatively sit next to them and say "Why are you crying?"
Ugh, they just want attention! I ignore them.
I say "Oh, boo-hoo!" and walk away