Does Eyeless Jack love you? (1)

Does Eyeless Jack love you? (1)

Find out in the end folks. He might like you as a friend. Maybe more. Boys and girls can take this.

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Me: Alright E.J. time to ask some questions. Get over here.
E.J. : Alright. Lets get started. What is your favorite color? Don't kill me please.
Me: Welp. You're going to have a funeral.
E.J. : Not unless you protect me.
Me: Okay fine. I'll protect you.
E.J. : Yay.

E.J. : No way! Mine too!
Me: Same here!
E.J. : Cool.
Me: Nice.
E.J. : Oh h*ll no! Reminds me of fricken pinkie pie.
Me: Mhm.

E.J. : Who is your favorite creepypasta besides me?
Me: Nice one.

Seed eater
E.J. : Mine too!
Me: He's alright.
Jeff The killer
E.J. : Cool.
Me: Awesome!
Slender man
E.J. : No. Just no. He's creepy.
Me: Mhm. Sorry Slender man
Slender man: You guys are mean and I was by the door checking in on you guys and I heard this. I'm out. *Leaves*
Me: I'm so sorry. I feel bad now.

E.J. : Next one. What is your favorite weapon?
Me: Good one.

E.J. : Omg...
Me: Nice.
E.J. : That's fine.
Me: H*ll yeah!
E.J. : WTF?! WTAF?! What kind of person did you bring me? And now we have another Ben. Just great.
Me: No clue. And what's wrong with Ben? He's cool.
E.J. : Yeah but we don't need another one. You know what? Forget it.
Me: Okay geez.

E.J. : What is your favorite food?
Me: Nice one.

E.J. : Yay! Me too!
Me: Ewww! Gross!
E.J. : Have you even tried them?
Me: No and I don't want to.
E.J. : Fine.
E.J. : Cool.
Me: Awesome!
E.J. : Nope.
Me: Candy is good too.

E.J. : What's your favorite animal?

E.J. : Oh cool. Me too.
Me: They are okay.
E.J. : That's fine I guess.
Me: Awesome!
E.J. : What the heck? What's so special about chickens? They're boring.
Me: Agreed. No offense people that like them.

E.J. : What is your favorite holiday?
Me: Good one.

Valentines Day
E.J. : Me too!
Me: It's alright.
Halloween or Christmas
E.J. : Cool.
Me: Awesome!
Saint Patrick's Day
E.J. : Boo. I don't like that holiday.
Me: Why? You get to pinch people for not wearing green. That's the only fun thing about that holiday.
E.J. : Yeah but it's no fun when you can't pinch Ben. He wears green all the time and that's not fair.
Me: Welp. That's your opinion. That is so true tho.

E.J. : Can I be done now?
Me: Sure.
E.J. : Okay *Leaves the room*
Me: Okay its my turn. What do you think of E.J.?

He's amazing! I love him! (Not a fanboy/fangirl)
Me: Dam.
He's okay.
Me: Cool.
I hate him.
Me: Then why are you here?

Me: Who do you ship E.J. with?

E.J. x Lazari
Me: Same.
E.J. x Toby
Me: Alright.
E.J. x Slender man
Me: WTF?!

Me: What do you think you will get?

He loves you!
He sees you as a friend!
He hates you!

Me: Okay. Have a nice day. Cya.

Yeah whatever
I don't give a f*ck
Me: Fine then. Geez.