whos your creepypasta friend?

Figure out who's your long lost creepypasta friend! And find out how hefound you! Jeff or Slendy? HAW HAW HAW... Slender man: ... interesting... Jeff: I swear to GOD.

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What's your favorite hobby?

Sharpening my knifes for tonights kill.
Walking around randomly in the woods
hoping to find someone to creep out.
Drawing or painting and art and stuff...

What's your favorite color?

Black like the... I don't even know.
Red, I guess.
me: whoa OK geez!

What do you do in your spare time?

Nothing YOU need to know.
Killing people.
Laughing like a maniac or a dying whale.
Taking walks in the woods.

Who's your fav?

Eyeless Jack!
Ticci Toby!
Jane the killer :p
Hoodie :)
Jeff the killer >:)

And lastly, what is better? He he mwahaha.
Life, or Death?

LIFE, thank you! I ain't gonna die today, I have so much to wait for in the future!!!!!
Death. It seems more peaceful, DUH.