Does Your Crush Like You? (7)

Does Your Crush Like You? (7)

We all have crushes. Some are obvious. I know I had a crush. She liked me! But does your crush... like you?

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First Question- When he or she apologizes, does he or she test you, "I'm sorry."?

Yes. But I don't mind.
No. He/She says it in person. In the flesh. Face to face- (Me: Okay, okay. We get it.)

How does your crush act around you.

Um... He/She acts like my brother/sister.
He/She acts very nice. One reason I like He/She.

Does he/she blush when someone says you two would be perfect for each other?

No. He/She just rolls his eyes.
Yes. He/She looks cute when he/she blushes.

Does he/she makes excuses when you have plans?

Yes. He/She has to "study"
No. He/She likes to hangout with me.

(Halfway there!) What do you and your crush like to do?

Um... We don't do anything together.
Hangout. Laugh. Play Video Games. Nerd Stuff. :-B

Does He/She like what you like?

No. We are different.
Yes! We are like clones!

Does your crush do generous things for you?

No. He/She never will.
Yes. All the time. It gets annoying.

Does He/She try to sit next to you?

No. It's like He/She tries to stay away from me.
Yes. I sit next to him/her everyday.

Did you like the survey?

Meh. It was alright.
Yes. I loved it.

What do you think you will get?

My Crush Likes Me.
My Crush Doesn't like me.