Are you a vampire? (8)

Are you a vampire? (8)

Are you a vampire? Do you have some vampire traits? Or are you 100% human?

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Have you tasted blood before?

Yes! It was delicious!
I think, but I don't remember it being particularly good
Yeah, but it tasted funny

Do you have pale skin?

It's so pale you can practically see through it!
No, it's pretty dark
My skin is tannish

Are you afraid of heights?

No, I love the exhilaration of being up high
Yes! Terrified!
I don't mind them

Which color combination makes you happy?

Black and red
Yellow and blue
Gray and orange

Do you have memories of a past life?

Yes, it's strange
Yeah, but they're hazy

When you play hide and seek, do you always hide in the best places?

Yeah, and no one can find me
Never - I'm always the first one to be found

If you were talking with someone and they suddenly tried to punch you, what would your reaction be?

Right as their fist started swinging, I'd be behind them, and my fist would be slamming into their head
I'd say "Ow," because my reflexes suck
I'd run away - I'm really fast

Do you feel connected to birds?

Kind of

Do you like doing magic tricks?

Yeah, and I'm really good - I get compliments all the time
No, I'm horrible at them
It depends

Have you ever looked at someone and immediately hated them for some reason?

Yeah, it happens a lot
Not that I can recall
I guess