Does Jeff The Killer love you (2)

Does Jeff The Killer love you (2)

Good luck guys. He might only like you as a friend or maybe more. Lets find out. Boys and girls can take this quiz.

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Me: Alright Jeff. Come ask this quizzer some questions.
Jeff: Why?
Me: Because I said so.
Jeff: Okay fine. What is your favorite color? Don't kill me.
Me: Go to sleep!
Jeff: That's my line.
Me: I don't care.

Blood red
Jeff: Wow. Me too.
Me: Nice.
Jeff: That's fine.
Me: Mine too.
Jeff: Really? That's too girly. I hate it.
Me: Same here.

Jeff: What is your favorite weapon?
Me: Nice one.

Jeff: Omg...
Me: Awesome!
Jeff: Cool.
Me: Nice.
Jeff: That's a boring weapon.
Me: Agreed. No offense E.J.
E.J. : Why am I always by the door when you say these things? I'm hurt now. I'm leaving. *Leaves*
Me: I'm sorry. Now I feel bad. I'm a bad person.
Jeff: Yeah you are. Jk.
Me: Wow.

Jeff: Okay next one. Who is your favorite creepypasta besides me?

Smile dog!
Jeff: Mine too!
Me: Awesome!
Ben Drowned
Jeff: Alright. Cool.
Me: Sweet.
Slender man
Jeff: Oh H*ll no! He's creepy as h*ll! Why would they pick him?!
Me: It's their funeral. Not mine. They are going to die.

Jeff: Next one. Do you think I look beautiful?

Yes. You look amazing.
Jeff: Thank you! Someone understands me besides my friend here.
Me: Mhm.
You look okay.
Jeff: Eh. Good enough.
Me: Wow.
No. You are ugly as heck.
Jeff: Go to sleep!
Me: Jeff no. You have to wait until the end.
Jeff: Fine.

Jeff: What is your favorite food?
Me: Good one.

Jeff: Omg. Me too.
Me: Sweet.
Jeff: That's fine I guess.
Me: Awesome.
Jeff: Oh great. Another Laughing Jack. Just what we need.
Me: Why? What's wrong with him? I think he's cool.
Jeff: Yeah well that's your opinion.
Me: Why don't you like him?
Jeff: Because I hate clowns.
Me: *Sees L.J. at the door* Hi L.J.
L.J. : I've heard everything from you guys. Thanks for supporting me but Jeff hurt my feelings and now I'm out. *Leaves*
Me: Poor L.J.

Jeff: What is your favorite video game?
Me: Wow. That's new.
Jeff: I'm just curious.

Killing games!
Jeff: Awesome!
Me: Cool.
Minecraft or Fortnite.
Jeff: Cool.
Me: Heck yah!
Jeff: Can I kill him/her yet?
Me: No not until the end.

Jeff: Alright I'm out. I'm going to go on a killing spree. *Leaves*
Me: Okay I guess it's my turn. What do you think Of Jeff?

He's amazing. I love him. (Not a fanboy/fangirl)
Me: Wow.
He's okay.
Me: Alright.
I don't like him.
Me: Then why are you here?

Me: What is Jeff The Killer's real name?

Jeffery Woods
Liu Woods
Toby Rogers

Me: So what do you think you will get?

He Loves you!
He sees you as a friend
He hates you!

Me: Alright. Ran out of ideas. Did you enjoy this?

Yes. Loved it.
It was okay.
No I didn't.

Me: Cya

Yeah whatever
I don't give a f*ck.
Me: Fine then. Geez.