Which guy/girl should I be with?

Which guy/girl should I be with?

are you in love with two people? not sure who to choose? well this quiz should help you out!

published on October 30, 202027 responses 5
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Ok, so i want you to be completely honest in this quiz. its the thought that counts, alright?

Got it
Eh, i guess so
Get to the quiz already!! (sheesh fine)

So, here are some fictional scenarios. Your walking on the beach, holding hands with... (who are you thinking of rn?)

Person 1
Person 2
both (lol)
None, they wouldnt do that with me!

OK, so its valentines day dance. they both asked you to go with them, who do you choose?

Person 1
Person 2
I'd pick the better looking one
None, they wouldn't ask me

Which one would get you the most expensive gift?

Person 1
I dont know
Person 2
They would probably fight for the better gift

which one is better looking?

Person 1
Person 2
Their the same roughly

Which one is nicer?

Person 1
Person 2
Their both equally nice
their both rude (then why do you like them?)

ok, now the next few questions will be about you. who do you feel safer with?

Person 1
Person 2
Neither, actually i dont feel very safe with either of them

If you were being hit on by someone you dont like, they would protect you.. who are you thinking of?

Person 1
Person 2
They would fight eachother after protecting me
neither, or they would be the ones hitting on ME

Out of the two of them, who do you see a future with?

Both of them! i cant decide bewteen them
I dont know. Thats why I took this quiz (fair enough)
person 1 definetdly
Person 2 for sure
i dont see them in my future

Now, this is the last one, who do you think you'll get?

I dont know, its all so hard!
I'm thinking person 1
Maybe person 2?
I'm not sure
Just give me my results already so I KNOWWW! (ok ok i will)