What candy bar are you? (1)

What candy bar are you? (1)

Again- I am bored. This had one vote on my poll. Please have fun taking it!

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What is most important to you in life?


What birthday present would you love to get? (Part 1)

A diary
A gift card
New earbuds
Art supplies
A jokebook
A notebook
A Swiss army knife
A soccer ball

What birthday present would you love to get? (Part 2)

A family vacation
A bike
Tickets to a concert
A set of real artist markers, a few pads of special watercolor paper, and some new professional paints
An autograph
A pet
A room makeover
A trip to another country
Front-row seats at an all-star sports game
A laptop

Which of these head accessories would you be most likely to wear?

A pretty hair clip
A hair elastic
A baseball cap
A bow
A beret
A sweatband
A bobby pin
I don't ever put in head accessories

Which of these shirts would you be most likely to wear?

A fuzzy sweater
A t-shirt with a cute picture on it
A crop top
A plaid shirt
A t-shirt with a funny saying on it
A fluffy shirt
A colorful short-sleeved shirt
A baggy t-shirt
A tank-top
A solid-colored shirt

Which of these desserts do you like to eat the most?

Ice cream
Peanut brittle
Whoopie pies
Fruit salad

What movie/TV show genre do you enjoy watching the most, out of these?


Which pet would you love to have?

A goldfish
A gecko
A guinea pig
A chameleon
A hamster
An adorable cat
A snake!
A labrador
A bulldog
None- I don't have time for pets

RP for the rest of the quiz!

Your significant other just called, and they broke up with you. What is your reaction?

I'm extremely sad, but my family and friends get me through it
Of course I'm a little bit upset, but then I begin thinking of revenge!
I sink into a state of depression, doing nothing but searching the internet
I'm sad, but my friends joke with me, and we plan a prank to play on my ex
I burst into tears and am depressed for the rest of the week
I'm disappointed, but I recover quickly - there are so many other things to focus on!
I immediately set off on my search for a new significant other
I get angry- who stole them? Was it my best friend? Was it an enemy?
I am a bit disappointed, of course - but it's really not the end of the world
Who has time for romance? I've never had a boy/girlfriend!

You're at school when the principal calls you to the office - over the loudspeaker! What do you do?

I nervously go to his office
I pretend like it's a tragedy, and I dramatically make my way to his office
I crack a joke about it in front of the class, and then walk down to his office
I bravely head to his office, and face my fears by confidently asking him why he called
I groan, and then s-l-o-w-l-y walk down
I start crying, and my teacher has to drag me down to his office
I run down to his office, and immediately ask, "Why did you call me? Am I in trouble? Do you need a favor?"
I know why I'm being called down, so I just sigh, chuckle, and head to his office
I roll my eyes - it's only happened fifty times to me before!
I go down to his office and politely ask why he needed me