Are You A Loyal Friend?

Take this quiz to find out if you are a loyal friend. This quiz reveals the truth. You cannot act.

published on September 14, 20188 responses 0
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Fav color (i know, i hate this question)?


Your BFF (let's say she's called Katie) is going on a long trip to Antarctica. What do you do?

Bye, Katie! *Hugs tightly* I'll send mails everyday!!!!!
C u, Katie! *Giggles*
Oh, ur going? Just stay! *tugs softly, gives up a few seconds after Katie gives a jerk* Fine. BYE! I'll miss u a lot, like a lot!
Bye Katie... *tears up* the only thing I hope is that u r safe. Remember everything an expert says. Be xtra careful. Don't take any risks!

I think that I am going to say farewell now. FAREWELL!

Bye Ileana! I loved your quiz! Just make sure u make another one! *light tone with a half-hearted trace*
Bye, Cute-Strawberry-Lemongrass-Jelly! I'm sure I'll comment and rate and stuff.
That was an AWESOME quiz like, omg, I almost wet my pants with excitement when I took the quiz like...WONDER what my results will be! *with an enthusiastic tone*
It was superb, Ileana! It was better than ur old quizzes, no offense. *warm tone with no trace of offense at all*

Alright, I'm not a loyal friend. I lied. What's ur reaction?

What? There are more questions? That's really nice! *raises eyebrows with a bit of delight*
I was quite relieved, actually. I am so ready to continue.
Even though there were only 3 questions, I loved every one of them!
YESSSSSS! I was hoping for something like this to happen!

Why did you decide to take this test?

I'm sure that it was a NICE thing to do! *bats eyelashes*
I LOVED all the quizzes u have made before and decided that this would also be fun! *puts on makeup while saying that*
I like u. Friends do everything 4 each other!
I like anything u do! Nobody will make a difference!

This is really the final questio(misses out the n on purpose). If u just had a fight with ur BFF, what would u say?

Look, Katie, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it, and even if I did, I am here to say a sorry genuinely. Pls, all I want is friendship.
Katie, I was really sorry I said that. You know deep down, I know deep down, that we are always bffs.