which yandere charicter are you? girls

this quiz is meant for girls and tests your personality! are you ayano aishi? (Yandere Chan) or are you a rival, like osana chan?

published on December 11, 201712 responses 1
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do you have a big crush on some one?

yes hes very dreamy!
yes kinda why do you have to know?!?
nah im very shy so i dont talk around the bois

what is your type of cloething?

pink potatdot knee socks with a sailor top
just the school uniform with black knee socks
red glasses but im to secretive to tell you the rest.

does anyone get in the way of your secret crush?

yes all the time! it makes me want to kill everyone! uh did i just say that?
no i dont think so.. why are you asking me this?!?
i dont pay atennion of anybody i just get through life

are you going to ask your crush to the blossom tree behind the school on friday?

no but some other girl is and shes dead to me my crush better not say yes and ill make sure of it! (evil laugh) did i just day that? (innocent grin)
yes! why are you asking so many questions!?!
nah im to busy giving Ayano awnsers for her questions

do you like this question?

... (me: slaps hand on fore head)