What Element Are You (#2) ?

I know, I know - I already made an element quiz. But I just felt like making another one. This one is updated, with 8 personality options instead of 4, because the secondary elements (Healing, Ice, Light, Darkness) are included, too! Have fun taking it!

published on May 12, 20154 responses 0
What Element Are You (#2) ?
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Which way to exercise is your favorite?

Rock climbing
Extreme sports
Exercise? No thanks!

You lost your favorite possession! What is it and what do you do?

It's my drawing of a hawk that I did a week ago. I get nervous but I calm down when I find it in a special folder in my
desk drawer.
It's my journal! I become very anxious, because my deepest feelings are recorded in that diary. Luckily, I find it
buried under my bed.
It's my collection of sea glass that I found at the beach a while ago. I nervously search for it, but soon find it under
my desk.
It's the poem I wrote during math class one time! I've spent ages working on that thing! I finally find it in my
backpack pocket.
My comic book collection! It includes vintage books that aren't available any more! I panic but find it buried under
thousands of papers.
It's the trophy I won for that competition last year! I yell at my brother, accusing him of stealing it, but later find it in
a box after my mom moved it to dust the shelf and forgot to put it back.
It's the special locket that my grandmother gave me before she died! I'm very anxious, but am filled with relief when
I find it on my shelf.
I never lose anything; I'm too observant for that to happen.

What traits do you look for in a significant other?

They are compassionate, loyal, and understanding
We have very similar interests, ideas, beliefs, and passions
They're caring and nonjudgmental
They understand my emotions and are sympathetic
They don't care when I get angry with them and they are courageous
They know how to calm me down when I flare up
They don't get offended when I tease them, and they know not to bother me when I'm concentrating
They're encouraging and inspiring

What house would you love to live in?

A normal house in the suburbs, with a forest in the backyard and a park within walking distance
A house on the top of a mountain where I can write stories all day long
A nice cottage in the middle of a meadow, near a pond
A warm, relaxing beach house, with a great view of the ocean and beautiful seagulls
A tree house in the jungle where I can go zip-lining and tree-climbing every day
A large house with a pool and high security
A secluded trailer in the woods, surrounded by a barbed wire fence
A cabin off in Asia, surrounded by tall trees, monks, and good spots to meditate

What is your style?

Fleece pants, sneakers, and sweaters
Bright, silly, sparkly clothes that draw attention
Long, gauzy, flowing clothes, possibly with sequins
Cottony clothes that are comfortable and flexible
Ripped jeans and leather jackets
Sweatshirts, loose jeans, and suede boots
Plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and leather boots
Sandals, tank-tops, sunglasses, and shorts; anything relaxing

What birthday present would you be most excited about?

A gift card to a bookstore
Voice lessons
A cool plant for my room
A set of colored pencils and a sketchbook
A blown-glass figurine of a phoenix
A new camera
A Swiss army knife
Donations for the charity fundraiser I'm holding

What necklace sounds the coolest?

A leather necklace with woven charms
A sterling silver heart necklace with crystal beads
A jade necklace with a lotus petal in the middle
Amethysts and sapphires, with seashells tied to each end
Black volcanic glass and a fire opal in the center
A silver chain with a shiny blue charm
A dark leather choker
A golden chain with a heart-shaped locket

You get a notebook for your birthday. What do you use it for?

Writing stories
Drawing cool designs
A diary
Drawing pictures of the people I hate and writing mean things about them
I use it to write notes to my friends and family
Taking notes in school
I write inspiring quotes inside it

Your sister keeps insisting that "turtles are mammals." What do you do?

I firmly tell her that turtles are reptiles and leave it at that
I look it up in my favorite book and prove her wrong
I leave her to think what she wants
I ask my mom to help settle the argument, even though I know I'm right
I say, "You're an idiot, Molly! Turtles are reptiles!"
I mimic her voice saying "Turtles are mammals, blah blah blah!" until she cries
I say, "You're such a genius. Wow."
I show her a book, and say, "Actually, Molly, turtles are reptiles. Cats and dogs are mammals, though!"

Out of all the elements besides your own, which one would you like your significant other to be? Which one would you want your best friend to be? Which one do you hate?

Love: Water
Friend: Healing
Hate: Air
Love: Light
Friend: Darkness
Hate: Earth
Love: Earth
Friend: Light
Hate: Ice
Love: Healing
Friend: Earth
Hate: Fire
Love: Air
Friend: Ice
Hate: Water
Love: Darkness
Friend: Air
Hate: Light
Love: Ice
Friend: Fire
Hate: Healing
Love: Fire
Friend: Water
Hate: Darkness

RP time! It's the first day of summer vacation and you have plans to see a movie with your friends. Your mom announces a surprise trip to the playground, which is meant for 3-year-olds. She says everyone in the family has to come. What do you do?

I try to calm down alone in my room
Go anyway. What's the big deal in skipping the movie?
Work out a compromise
I tell her I'm going to the movies anyway, and then have her watch as I walk right off to my friend's house
Scream how unfair it is and sulk in my room
I yell at her until I get so upset I start crying
I say, "Oh, great. A playground. I would have loved that - if I were a baby!"
I'm excited! I love going to playgrounds and seeing all the cute little kids!

You're in your room, really upset about something that happened. What happened to make you this sad?

I got a horrible score on my recent test - and I studied very hard!
I got in trouble at school for something someone else did
Someone I loved died
Some people at school teased me
I made a bunch of progress on a hard DS game, and my brother dropped the DS in the toilet so it's ruined
My mom yelled at me
My younger sister beat me in Scrabble, even though I was the undefeated champion before
Someone in my family is upset, and it rubbed off on me

How do you deal with being very angry?

I climb my favorite tree
I take deep breaths until I calm down
I go skateboarding - when I'm in anger-mode, I'm way braver than normal
I crawl into my closet and cry as hard as I can
I scream as loud as I can
I flare up and become cold
I close up and don't let anyone talk to me
I think positive thoughts