What Is Your Role In Your Family?

Every family has their own dynamics and every person within a family has a role they play, whether they like it or not. This test will tell you exactly what your family role is.

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When people describe you from your childhood, what do they say about you?

You made everyone laugh
You were rebellious
You were sensible and worked hard
You were helpful and kind

When life is feeling negative, you cheer yourself up by...

Contacting a friend to talk about life
Focusing on self-care
Reminding yourself how lucky you are
Organizing a night out with friends

At a family gathering, you are...

The entertainment, as someone has to cheer things up
In the corner, gossiping about the family news
In the kitchen, helping to clean up
Trying to make sure family rivalries don't ruin the event

What do you think is the most important thing to create a happy family?

Knowing what our roles are
A sense of humor
Compassion and kindness
Supporting each other no matter what

When you have an argument with someone, how do you normally respond?

Forget about it and move on
Call a friend to tell them about it
Try to turn it into a joke
Look at how you can compromise and resolve it

You admire people who...

Others take notice of and respect
Always seem organized
Can deal with conflict
Are happy and content with life

How do you think people might view you?

Need to grow up
Too uptight
A people pleaser
As never taking life seriously

A friend tells you about a recent argument they had. How do you respond?

Listen and make them feel supported
Change the conversation to something more interesting
Try to cheer them up with a joke
Give some advice on how to handle it

At school, you were...

Invited to every party
Popular with the teachers
The shoulder for people to cry on
Always late

On a night out with friends, you're the one who...

Organizes the event
Will lose something
Is chatting with strangers and making new friends
Will be hoping everyone will leave early

What did you think of the test?

It was WAY too long!
It was okay...
It was so-so
It was AWESOME!!!

Would you take it again?

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