What is your inner animal? (3)

What is your inner animal? (3)

This quiz is intended to show you what animal best fits your personality. I have been wanting to make one of these for a while and I only just got around to it.

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RP time! You are in a pet store and you just got taken home by a family. Their little girl is constantly annoying you. What do you do?

I love kids! The girl is so sweet!
I sleep all day and get as far away from the kid as possible.
I try to make friends with her, but fail.
I mind my own business - I hate that kid!
I make the little girl laugh as much as I can.
I don't let anyone control me! I'd never get adopted.
I don't really like her that much, but I can deal with it.

The little girl is a tween now, and she plays with you a lot. Do you like that?

Yes, I do, but I want some time to myself every once in a while.
No. I hate it. I get up high and sleep.
Of course! I love playing games!
I love the exercise. She is much more fun now that she's older!
Not really... I can't make her laugh as easily.
I like it when people play with me, but I get bored easily.
Yup - we make a perfect team!

What is your biggest flaw?

I can be too nosy.
I'm perfect; I have no flaws.
I get a little mean sometimes...
I get scared WAY too easily!
I make people laugh at the wrong times.
I am really competitive.
Sometimes, I don't know when to stop talking.

What would you be most upset about?

Being abandoned...
Being publicly humiliated!
Being betrayed by my friends.
Too many people talking to me at once.
Being ignored.
Losing a contest or competition.
I don't get upset about anything.

How do you relax whenever you're stressed?

I spend time with my family.
I just go to my bedroom and have some alone time.
I call my friends and they cheer me up.
I write in a journal.
I meditate.
I rely on whoever is around me to cheer me up.
By focusing on the problem and trying to fix it.

What would be the worst insult, in your opinion?

"Get out of here! No one likes you!"
"You're stupid and fat and ugly and dumb and lazy!"
"You're not like us, and you don't belong here."
"You can't do that! That's too hard for you! You're just a baby."
"You're dumb - even I'm smarter than you!"
"I'm better than you. You're too dumb to do this."
"We don't need you here!"

What's your favorite food?

Meat. Ham, turkey, chicken, beef, anything you can give me.
I usually eat meat, but I will eat anything.
Anything that's available, although I like to eat hamburgers.
Usually vegetables, but I also like fruit and bread.
It varies - some days, I like meat, but other days I prefer veggies.
Definitely fish.
I'm a vegetarian - I'll eat peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, every vegetable you give me.

What color can you relate to the most?

Social pink.
Friendly orange.
Earthy green.
Unique turquoise!
Calm blue.
Peaceful purple.
Sophisticated black.

If you were an animal, where would you like to live?

Someplace with humans to love me, and also a jungle gym and large yard!
It doesn't matter... I just want to sleep and eat.
In a hidden place, with space to hunt, and my friends near me.
On a cool farm, with lots of other animals.
In a spacious place, with room to sleep and hunt.
Somewhere with a cool view and a big area to explore, but all I really need is space to move around.
Preferably underground, in a big area with my friends!

What's most important to you?

My personal well-being.
My reputation.

How would someone describe you?


How would you describe yourself?


What are you best at?

I know what will make people happy!
Does eating count?
Social things.
Keeping myself healthy.
Cracking the right jokes!
Being a leader.
I'm good at anything when I'm with my friends.

What are you afraid of?

Being yelled at.
Having too many people around me.
The usual - spiders, heights, etc. etc.
Getting hurt.
Other people being smarter than me!
Being humiliated in front of lots of people.
Losing everything I've worked so hard for.

What is your dream or biggest desire?

To make my parents happy or proud of me!
To have everyone fear me!
To have tons of friends!
To be the best I can be!
To become a genius!
To rule the world!
Nothing; I'm happy with my life right now.