Finish the lyrics! UwU

Finish the lyrics! UwU

Let's see if you can guess the lyrics, no cheating! Okay, let's do this!

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Okay! Let's do this!
Throwin' me away into the bad pile, all my life been putting on a fake smile...

Sitting all alone, what do I do now
Sitting on my own feel like im exiled
Letting myself down, please help me

Okay! Next!
So, why do you build us up to crumble and fall?..

Tell me what to do
Give me something to hold on to
Give me strength and gratitude

I wonder if I'm good enough, or maybe I've just had too much..

To drink, to smoke, to swallow
To have, to hold, to break
In my mind, help me please

This is my penitentiary..

Look me in the eyes and tell me something
Fractured apart from the world where I want to be
Taken away from where I wanna be

I've been kicked down in the dirt...

I think it didn't hurt
It really hurt, help
I pretend that it don't hurt

Then one night, as I closed my eyes...

I saw a shadow flying high
I saw somebody round the corner
I had a nightmare, I dont know

No, not to me..

Not to anything, anyone, anywhere
Not to anyone, anyone, anyone
No more reading, be happy

*yawns* pwp
Been about two weeks since you went away...

I really miss you, come back
I'm about almost there, come here
I'm about halfway through a Cabernet