What is your 'dere' type?

What is your 'dere' type?

Are you a tsundere, kuudere, dandere, deredere or yandere? "W-well, it's not like I /want/ you to take this quiz..baka!" haha sorry. Enjoy another one of these quizzes...

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What kind of person do you think yourself to be?

A logical person.
An outgoing person!
A weirdo.

What would you do if someone random was staring at you?

Quietly stare back.
Ask them if there is anything on your face.
Ignore them.
Blush and look away.
Yell: "Why are you staring?!"
Glare at them.

What is your best trait in a relationship?


Do you sometimes blurt out things you don't mean?

Always! But I never mean it.
Sometimes, when I'm mad.
Very rarely.

Do like people being romantic?

Ew not at all.
Only if they do it sparingly.
Yes. I love it!

How do you normally present yourself in public?

Standing tall, confident.
Looking down as if trying to hide yourself.
Happily skipping about.
A sort of lazy natural look, maybe a bit tired looking.

Do you ever feel like you're hiding your true personality?

Yes. I always am.
Sometimes, when I don't want to tell the truth.
Um...no. Weeeell...maybe just sometimes if I /have/ too.
No! Never.
Maybe, subconsciously though...

Who (or what) do you care about most?

Friends and family.
My lover!
What other people think of me.

What would you do if your crush started talking to you?

Happily engage in conversation
Blush and say very little.
Quickly end the conversation and run away.
Say nothing.
Try to be cool but end up being very awkward.

Do you find yourself jealous a lot?

Yes, but I never show it.
Always. I just can't help it.