Are you like Adele?

Are you like Adele?

I like the singer adele i was wondering if i was like her. if you wonder the same thing go ahead and take the quiz

published on March 10, 201614 responses 2 5.0★ / 5
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A fence stands between you and your friend. what do you do or say?

Hello from the other side!
climb over the fence and hang out
where did this fence come from?

a boy threw a computer into the ocean. describe that computer.

it was a dell rolling in the deep
it is wet
i hope it turns up out of the blue

do you like the song hello?

i wrote it
i love it
i have heard it i think

you want to make up with your ex and change your mind what do you say?

nevermind i'll find someone like you
i write a song about it and get rich
i changed my mind

what do you think about rain?

i want to set fire to it
i like it
i don't like it