Could you be a Reaper?

Could you be a Reaper?

So, I'm looking for an apprentice and this is your interview, you will hold major responsibilities and just don't f*ck up if you get the job

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Do you have some experience in death

Hell yeah!
A little
Nope, to nasty

Do you even know what reaping is? (NO GOOGLING IT)

Of Course

HAVE you ever reaper and/or taken a soul

Yeah, a few times
Nope, never

Do you have any Idea how to transport the souls?

By the boat on the river styx
Uh... magicy stuff?
Do what now?

Now, last question. What is a reapers best weapon?

His scythe
His keen intellect, calm demeanor and general not be a dickness

Haha bullshited you. Sorry. Last one, reapers promise. What did you think?

You prat, uncool dude. And a meh quiz
Ha, got me. Not to bad man
Tricky man, nice try. Good quiz all in all.

Sorry, I had to XD

*facepalm and slaps the creator*
XP Really? Was it necessary?
XD SAW IT COMING! HAHA! *highfives*

Who's the reaper?!

You are?
Not either of us? This is the internet and we have no role in this outside of it.
Me: Get out hater.