What Disney Princess are you most like? (1)

Which princess are you most like? Find out in this quiz which character most suits your personality.

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If a boy leans in to give you a kiss do you...

Kiss him for heavens sake!
Depending on if I knew him personally...ok ill be honest YES!
Nope, that would just be awkward after the kiss and how would I know he wouldn't go off and tell everyone.
Is he cute?????

What sport are you best at?

Ice hockey
Is reading a sport?
Figure Skating
I'm organized...

What is your favourite hobby?

Collecting things, finding treasures.
Building stuff (e.g. Lego)
I like doing make-up and peoples hair

What is your favorite type of shoe?

Flats, comfy and practical.
Heels baby!

If a friend is being picked on do you...

Stand up to the bully and give a piece of your mind.
Be smooth and embarrass the bully.
Hit him with something to get him to stop!
Politely attempt to resolve the situation but if gets any worse that bully is going to have some issues with his face after I punch them.

What type of music do you like?

Musical Theatre
Love songs