Are we going to get along?

Are we going to get along?

If you ever run into me in real life, are we going to get along like best friends, frenemies, or best enemies? My cousin and I are going to host this quiz, who knows which questions might lie ahead?

published on August 15, 201452 responses 41
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Me: Okay, which one of us wants to start?
Me: Fine! Go ahead!
Cousin: Which of these are your favorite color?

Pink! (Me: Either you're really a girly girl or you're a really brave guy)

Me: I'm going to ask the question this time!
Cousin: Okay. Can I ask 2 more questions after you ask?
Me: (Sometimes I even wonder how we got to be friends) Okay. Now, what is your ideal friend?
Me: What?
(Then we get into a really long, embarrassing conversation)

Friendly, nice, understanding, caring, generous...(Me: Wow...)
Someone to always tease, be there for me, always do my homework...(Okay...)
Someone gentle, really caring, cute, popular...
Smart, funny, nice, and cute.(Cousin: Compared to the other answers, that was really short.)(Me: Don't question my quiz)

Cousin: My turn! Do you like to draw?
Me: Gosh, that's so original...
Cousin: Oh come on! It's better than..
(And once again we're fighting again)

No. Why would you even ask that? Gosh, I'm leaving(Cousin:Wait! You haven't finished the quiz!)(Me: Oh leave y/n, it was probably for the best)
Yes, but not often. Only when I want to or if it's for an assignment.(Cousin: That's like me!) (Me: Oh gosh...not another her)
Yes. Would you like to see all of the drawings I made? (Cousin: Wow! Those are so many!) (Me: I'm impressed)
No. I only draw when it's an assignment. (Me & my cousin: Okay...)

Cousin: My turn again! Favorite creepypasta?
Me: O.O

(Searching up creepypasta, picking the first one you see)
What the heck is creepypasta?! (Cousin: This is person is mean)
Creepypasta? Oh right! I guess I like Jane the Killer or Eyeless Jack.
Oh so you read creepypasta too? Wow, I guess I like Slender or Jane the Killer...(Cousin: Yeah, we both made a story on it!) (Me: Yeah, I'm the publisher and she's the author)

Me: Okay, last question!
Cousin: Awww, already?
Me: Yes. I mean, you asked most of the questions...
Cousin: -_-

Already? At least one more question...(Me: No.) (Cousin: That's so blunt.)
Yeah,yeah, yeah. Give it too me!
Just let it end! (Cousin: Can we please get y/n out?) (Me: After y/n answers. Consider it torture.)

Me: Okay...
Cousin: You don't have a question, do you?
Me: Yes I do!
Cousin: Okay, then why are you taking so long?
Me: (We will discuss it later...) Are you willing to be a good friend?
Cousin: (imitating me) Gosh, that's so original.
Me: Grrr...

Yes! I would love to! (Me & my cousin: WOW...)
Hell no!(Cousin: *grips your shirt and leads you out the door*) (Me: You really couldn't wait, huh?) (Cousin: y/n is so mean!)
I think so... I don't think I would mind...(Me & my cousin: Okay...)

Me: Just kidding! There is 1 more question!
Cousin: You're mean...
Me: And how?
Cousin: I have to drag(mean)y/n back here...
Me: Do you want to?
Cousin: NO!
Me: You have to.
Cousin: *grumbles her way to the door and drags you back here with you complaining about something)
Me: o.O Anyways, do you watch anime or read manga?

*still complaining about something*
No. And honestly, I don't care.
Yes! Do you watch Fruits Basket? Or how about...(Me & my cousin: WE DO!)

Me: That was the last question! Make sure to comment on which result you got!
Cousin: Finally!
Me & my cousin: Anyways, goodbye!

Bye! *slams the door*
Goodbye! I hope I'll ever meet you!
Goodbye! :)
*crawls to the door and slams it*