Which one of my wolves are you?

Which one of my wolves are you?

I have a few wolf characters that want to have their say on this website... So what better way to introduce them than making a quiz about them! Yep, this is a personality test to find out which of my characters you're most like. Lets-a-go!

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Which one is most like you?

Determined and interested - I love learning new things!
Clever and imaginative - I'll tell you a story if you want!
Quiet and skittish - Catch me if you can!
Violent and sarcastic - If violence isn't solving your problems then you aren't using enough of it!

I hate to ask... But what's your favourite colour?

Something happy.. Like pink or blue!
Maybe green? I love nature inspired colours!
Something bold like red or black!
White? Or maybe grey..

Your desired fur colour?

Something light, maybe sandy brown... Or even white?
Dim grey, reflects my personality after all.
Black! Something stand-out and striking!
Any shade of brown, I don't want to blend in too much but I don't want to stand out either.

Role-play time! Okay, here goes.

You're walking through the territory, it's a cloudy day and you've caught a few mice which you buried not far away. A strange scent floods your nose, it's an intruder! Quick! How do you react?

I'll ignore it.. Somebody else will have smelt it, right?
I'll hide in the bushes and try to catch a glimpse of whatever it is of course!
I'll report to the head wolf immediately. I can't let this slip by me!
I'll follow the scent and make sure that this blasted intruder has a good reason to be on our territory!

Continuing the role-play! Alright.
After returning to camp that night, the intruder launches an attack on your pack! Where do you go first?

Right to the front! I'm going to give this guy something to remember me by! A few scars here and there perhaps?
The pups! I'm going to protect the pups, they are our future after all!
Hehe, a fight! I'll be analyzing the intruder, then sharing his weak points with the other wolves. Teamwork!
Oh, I'm not in camp. I'm on the edges of the territory staying out of trouble.

Hmmm. Last question, what do you think of your pack-mates?

Annoying. I keep my distance from them mostly.
Weak! Weak! weak! weak! weak!
Me: Okay, calm down.
Friendly! Hehe, I love chatting with them, they're so interesting!
They may be young but they do have personality that's for sure, they need a bit of discipline though.. Too wild for me.

I lied >:3 No really, this is the last question okay!
What name appeals to you most?

Coga - Simple I guess.
Lupa - It sounds bouncy... Like me! :D
Otto! A nice name indeed, doesn't sound weak at all!
Mari. It sounds motherly and sweet, not exactly me to a T but I still love it.