boyfriend and girlfriend problems just trying to help you out by you taking this quiz it could probably help you if your having problems

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what kind of relationship do u like

a great relationship to where you can trust your bf or gf
a bad relationship but you dont want to break up with them cause you dont want to hurt them

what is love

all about looks and beauty
what their personality is if you have any things in common

what is a good relationship

where you can trust the person your with
where you cant stand them and they are so rude

how is your boyfriend or girlfriend supposed to treat you

loving caring supportive kind and would do anything to make you happy
would treat you with no respect at all and not be nice to you

what is the best relationship you have had

a relationship that you could trust and tell them whatever and be able to know that they wont tell anybody at all
a relationship that you couldn't trust or tell them anything cause they would go and blurt it to other people